The Bell Rose exhibition opens tomorrow! The masterpiece of the Palace of Versailles appears, retracing the history of 50 years with original drawings and a Takarazuka edition (event report / 87 photos) – Comic Natalie

  1. The Bell Rose exhibition opens tomorrow! The spectacular Palace of Versailles appears, tracing its 50-year history with original drawings and Takarazuka editions (event report / 87 photos)comic natalie
  2. A set of 3 magnificent postcards by Oscar & Andre will be available as a bonus for the purchase of the 5 volumes of the COMPLETE DVD BOOK “La Rose de Versailles” commemorating the opening of the “Belle Rose” exhibition!numan
  3. It finally opens tomorrow the 17th! “Exhibition 50th Anniversary of the Birth of Versailles Rose -Belle Rose Forever-“PR TIME
  4. Riyoko Ikeda & Ai Takahashi’s Husband Is A Modern Andre, And Highlights From Tomorrow’s “Belle Rose Exhibition” (Event Report)comic natalie
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