The difference in punching power observed in Japan and Korea Absence of a strong arm even in Koshien… Not enough “fastball support” | Full Count

Asano, who missed last at bat at 163 miles and went down due to a strikeout, said: “The ball came more than the video.”

Throwing and striking were unmatched. At the “30th WBSC U-18 Baseball World Cup” held on the 15th (16th Japan time) in Bradenton, Florida, the U-18 high school national team “Samurai Japan” lost to South Korea 0-8. Long-awaited starter Yosho Yamada (Omi) gave up 6 runs in less than two innings. The batting line was also unable to break up Korean pitchers. There was a clear difference between the two.

It was an uphill battle from the start. Starting pitcher Yamada’s ball control was unstable and he walked three times in the first inning. The softball was hit hard, and the ally error was also involved, and 4 points. He gave up a hit by an early pitch twice, and pinched 1st and 2nd and 3rd base with a bunt hit and a sacrifice hit. From there, 6 runs with crazy throws and straight forward shots. The match was played very early.

The batting line was out of control for “a serious succession pitch”. Kim Jong-eun, the irregular right-hander who started, Yoon Young-chul, the second, and Kim So-hyun, the third, were each named first in the Korean professional baseball draft held on 15 Finally, outfielder Shogo Asano (Takamatsusho) hit a missed fastball that measured 101 miles (about 162.5 km). After the game, Asano also admitted that he was completely defeated, saying, “I was watching a video (of Korean pitchers), but it was amazing that the ball came even more than that.”

A generation with few fastballs… Zero over 150 km in Koshien

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