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The store benefits of J-JUN’s new album “Fallinbow” have been decided!
Those Who Purchased J-JUN’s Long-awaited New Album “Fallinbow” From The Following Target Chain Storesto
The original perks were decided on a first-come, first-served basis (booking priority)!
You will receive 1 point for each target product purchased.

* Benefits will end as soon as they are exhausted. Please make your reservation as soon as possible.
*Please note that some stores may not be available.
* Please contact each store directly for inquiries regarding benefit availability.
*The model will be announced later.

Released November 9, 2022 (Wednesday) Jaejoong “Fallinbow”

A-TYPE* 3-sided back box storage
JJKD 74~75 CD+BD ¥5500
JJKD 76~77 CD+DVD ¥4950

TYPE-B* 3-sided back box storage
JJKD 78~79 CD+BD ¥5500
JJKD 80~81 CD+DVD ¥4950

usual record*Normal case P
JJKD 82CD ¥3300

* Fan club advice (JJKD 83) is not eligible.

■ TOWER RECORDS / A4 transparent file
[Magasins applicables]All TOWER RECORDS stores (including online / excluding select stores)

■ HMV / large format raw photo
[Magasins applicables]All HMV stores (including HMV and BOOKS Online / excluding some stores)

■ TSUTAYA / Another Jacket
[Magasins cibles]TSUTAYA RECORDS (excluding some stores), TSUTAYA online shopping

■ Rakuten books / acrylic coaster
[Magasin cible]Rakuten Books

■ Seven Net Shopping / Acrylic Key Chains
[Magasin cible]Seven Net Shopping

■ Amazon / mega jacket
[Magasin cible]

■ Nationwide support/sticker shops
* Target stores will be announced later.

■ JAEFANS (fan club) bulk purchase of the original advantages / special storage box for members only
[Cible]Members of JAEFANS

JAEFANS who purchased 4 types of TYPE-A, TYPE-B, Regular Edition and FC Edition at the same time
We will introduce a “special storage box” which can store 4 forms each.

[Période de réception]
・ You can definitely order products until September 21, 2022 (Wednesday) 11:59 p.m.
・Please note that after September 22, 2022 (Thursday), sales will end as soon as product stock runs out.

*For more details, please see the JAEFANS NEWS page below.
* Stickers (domestic support store designs) are not eligible.

▼[J-JUN “Fallinbow”]Click here to pre-order FC CD version▼*Login required

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