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Yakult Munetaka Murakami, who set the record for most home runs in a season by Japanese professional baseball players, plays the game for the first time in three days on the 16th.
Vantelin Dome We will report on the status of the Sino-Japanese war in Nagoya.
After the 4th inning, Chunichi leads by 5 points.

(Nagoya Banterin Dome 18:00)

[Dernières nouvelles]

In the 4th set, Chunichi added 1 run at 5-0.

No. 8 Ishigaki is a no-out four-ball at first base.
No. 9 Yudai Ohno sent a bunt with 1 out and 2nd base.
No. 1 Okabayashi is a four-ball with 1 out and 1st and 2nd base.
No. 2 Oshima hit the pitcher in the infield and the bases were loaded with an out.
[Pichet Yakult Takanashi → Konno]
Chunichi added 1 point with No. 3 Abe’s sacrificial volley down the middle.
After that, the chances continued with two outs at first and third base.
The No. 4 Viciedo is a three-out change to center.

In the top of the 4th inning, Murakami’s second at bat is a second on the ground

No. 3 Yamada is a fake fly for the former. one out.
4 Murakami is in the second round at bat in a no-runner scene with one out.
The first ball misses the ball in the middle and hits.
The second ball is a ball on the outside course.
The third ball misses the ball through the course.
For the fourth pitch, hit a ball high and hit the second on the ground. Two out.
No. 5 Osuna is a center fly. Switch with three outs.

Yakult continues to have no hits.

3rd round Chunichi 4 points on 2 runners

No. 9 Yudai Ohno scored a grounding short. 1 exit.
No. 1 Okabayashi made two outs on a left volley.
No. 2 Oshima hit first base with two outs on a four-ball.
No. 3 Abe is also a four-ball with two outs and first base and second base.
4, Viciedo hit the shortstop with a hit in the field, and the bases were loaded with two outs.
No. 5 Kinoshita is a four-ball. Chunichi scored 1 point on the push.
No. 6, Ariel Martinez hits two goals
I added 3 points to the eliminated runners.
7 Tsuchida hits and changes with three outs.

Voice of expectations for No. 56 at restaurants near Jingu Stadium

A company employee in his 30s who came to a restaurant where fans gather near Jingu Stadium, his home base, said, “Thanks to Murakami’s home run, I feel full of energy. Murakami is a presence comparable to Mr. History,” he said.

Munetaka Murakami in 2019 Appeared in all matches in the second year, also in the first title

Leading the 3rd inning, Yakult also qualified to score but did not score a run

No. 8 Nagaoka is the third liner. 1 exit.
No. 9 Takanashi is a four-ball. 1 on 1st base.
No. 1 Shiomi landed a short grounder.
During this batting turn, the runner advanced to second base with two outs on the battery error.
No. 2 Yamazaki fake-stealed the receiver. 3 changes.

In the second set, Chunichi qualified for the points range but did not score any points

No. 4 Viciedo landed a short ball on the ground and scored a takedown.
No. 5 Kinoshita hits Wright with two goals.
No. 6, Ariel Martinez scored the second grounder.
Meanwhile, the runner advances to third base, 2 outs and 3rd base.
No. 7 Tsuchida is a four-ball with 2 outs and 1st and 3rd.
No. 8, Ishigaki changed 3 outs with a center fly.

“HR Record” for Munetaka Murakami’s rookie year in 2018

Leading the 2nd inning, Yakult’s top hitter Murakami punches through the air

No. 4 Murakami is the first batter.
The first ball is a ball on the outer course.
The second ball misses the in-progress and hits.
The third ball is a ball on the outer course.
The 4th ball misses the ball on the outside course and hits.
The fifth ball is a foul on an out-of-bounds ball.
It was a strikeout of the 6th ball, which was weak in the in-run.
one out.

No. 5 Osuna misses and strikes. 2 exits.
No. 6 Nakamura is a four baller. 2 on 1 basis.
7 Santana missed a strikeout and changed 3 strikeouts.

1st back Chunichi also retreated all three

No. 1 Okabayashi is the center fly.
No. 2 Oshima scored a grounding short.
No. 3 Abe missed and retired, and this inning was a three-man retirement.

Scoreless Yakult First Round Top

#1 Shiomi punches through the air. 1 exit.
No. 2 Yamazaki is the third end. 2 exits.
No. 3 Yamada made a three-out change with a left fly.
This time, Yakult didn’t turn at bat against No. 4 Murakami due to a three-out retirement.

The game starts after 6:00 p.m.

The match started at Vantelin Dome Nagoya in Nagoya after 6 p.m. Yakult’s Murakami, who holds the record for most homers in a season by a Japanese player, starts in the 4th tier.

Announcement of the new member

[Yakult (première attaque)]
1 (middle) Yasutaka Shiomi
2 (left) Kotaro Yamazaki
3 (2) Tetsuto Yamada
4 (Three) Murakami Tsung Takashi
5 (1) Osuna
6 (Captured) Yuhei Nakamura
7 (right) Santana
8 (Play) Hideki Nagaoka
9 (pitcher) Hirotoshi Takanashi

[Chunichi (deuxième attaque)]
1 (right) Yuki Okabayashi
2 (middle) Yohei Oshima
3 (3) Toshiki Abe
4 (1) Vicedo
5 (Captured) Takuya Kinoshita
6 (left) Ariel Martinez
7 (play) Ryuku Tsuchida
8 (2) Masami Ishigaki
9 (pitcher) Yudai Ohno

Murakami practices before game, starting pitcher Yudai Ohno, 3 hits for 8 at bat this season

Murakami began batting practice around 4:00 p.m. before the game which started at 6:00 p.m. at Vantelin Dome Nagoya in Nagoya City.

This season’s performance against Yudai Ohno, an ace pitcher in Chunichi’s starting pitcher, is 3-for-8 at bat. Of these, a home run reached the 50th home run on the 2nd of this month.

All-time home run record

The record for most home runs in a professional baseball season was 60 touchdowns by Valentin of Yakult in 2013, and the record for most home runs by a Japanese player was 55 in 1964 by Sadaharu Oh of the Giants. Mr. Murakami stood in line for the first time in 58 years on the 13th of this month.

Among foreign players, Rose of Kintetsu and Cabrera of Seibu also scored 55.

Much attention is paid to how Murakami will increase home runs in the remaining 15 games, including today.

With Munetaka Murakami, he has had five home runs in a row this season

Munetaka Murakami from Yakult is 22 years old and comes from Kumamoto Prefecture. A left-handed hitter who joined the team in 1st place in the 2018 draft from Kyushu Gakuin High School. He has a strong batting characteristic and in his rookie year he was promoted to 1st Army for the first time at the end of the season and hit his first home run in his first professional turn at bat. . And the second year he became a regular player. He hit 36 ​​home runs and was named Rookie of the Year. Ototoshi, in his third year, started 4th in all games, ranked second in the league in home runs and RBIs, and won the title with the highest on-base percentage.

Last season, when the team won the league championship and the best in Japan, he appeared in all 143 games as a No. 4, hit 39 home runs, became home run king for the first time and was also selected as the Central League. MVP.
He also participated in the Tokyo Olympics and contributed to Japan’s long-awaited gold medal.

This season, which is the fifth year, he has mass-produced homers since opening as a steadfast No. 4, and won monthly MVP for three consecutive months from June to last month.

Among them, last month, when he was 22 years and 6 months old, he set professional baseball records such as ▽ 5 consecutive home runs and ▽ the youngest total of 150 home runs in history.

This month, which is the last leg of the season, continued to perform well,
▽ The youngest home run in history reached 50th place on 2.
▽ On the 13th, he reached No. 55, the most among Japanese players, and was lined up with Mr. Sadaharu Oh.

At 15, this season’s results are 30 percent, 3 minutes, 7 minutes, 55 home runs and 132 RBI, which are the best batting averages in the league.

Donate to Kumamoto’s hometown based on the number of tours

Murakami experienced the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake when he was in his second year of high school.
Looking back on that time, “It was such an event that I hate to even think about it. I want to be an athlete who can help others, even if just a little.”

From the 2020 season, we donate to the reconstruction of Kumamoto Castle based on the number of home runs.

In December last year, the “Kumamoto Dream Creation Award” was given to people who gave a big dream to the citizens of Kumamoto. I think it’s good, so I want to be active with good results,” he said.

The sponsors are also expecting a house gift of 100 million yen

The sponsor of Yakult, a global real estate company headquartered in Tokyo, announced on the 4th of this month that Murakami would present a 100 million yen house if he landed a home run after No. 56 at Jingu Stadium.

Ms. Haruka Keiya from the Public Relations and Publicity Department of the Open House commented on her expectations for Murakami to reach number 56, saying, “I think people who don’t know baseball will have the opportunity to see. I was talking.

If he decides to give her a house, he plans to discuss it with Murakami during the offseason, and plans to recommend apartments in Shibuya-ku, Shinjuku-ku, and Minato-ku, where it’s easy to go to. Jingu Stadium.

Yakult is set to play seven games at Jingu Stadium from the 22nd of this month until the last game on October 3, and it will be interesting to see if Murakami will break the home record and get a 100 million yen home.

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