《Thief City, Serious Yakitori, Bottomless Poverty》 What is the “super hard mode daily life” of outlaw girls?

  1. 《Thieves’ Market, Serious Problems, Bottomless Poverty》 What’s the “super hard mode daily life” of outlaw girls?bunshun online
  2. “‘Local best!’ is a dirty word.”Suddenly angry senior citizens, illegal acts, violence… But what is the “darkness of ignorance” that binds outlaw girls to their “local” ?bunshun online
  3. [Manga]”This person is already… a yakuza…” What is the harsh “everyday” of an “outlaw girl” covered in violence, drugs, poverty, abuse and discrimination?bunshun online
  4. “Society is in trouble and it’s on the verge of collapse” Three realities that prevent outlaw girls from escaping their “hometown”bunshun online
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