Batter is also clumsy ‘I won’t even let a foul fly forward’ ‘I don’t even scratch’ the desperate ‘Musou ball’ | Full Count

Taka Moinero’s unbeatable throw…hard to even hit the bat

■ Softbank 6-2 Rakuten (16th, Rakuten Life Park)

Softbank pitcher Livan Moinero was surprised by the “pitch that doesn’t even hit the bat.” In the match against Rakuten held at Rakuten Life Park on the 16th, he pitched the 9th inning. Fans admired Musou’s ball, which even batters had to clumsily swing saying, “I won’t even let a foul fly forward” and “I won’t even scratch the bat.”

At the mound in the 4-point lead stage. Tatsumi in the lead drove in a straight line for 150 km, and at the end he hit the air with Takarato Curve. Tatsumi, who was caught in the air, had no choice but to make an awkward swing. Additionally, Dai Suzuki and pinch hitter Gittens also struck out, and only one of 13 pitches hit the bat.

Another dimension of stability that boasts a defense rating of 0.77. All ball types are super first class, but the curve with a large drop makes it even more awkward. The official “Persol Pacific League TV” YouTube recognizes it as an “attack” even though it is a pitch. Fans commented, “I’m so numb”, “I threw 13 balls and only one hit the bat”.

[Vidéo d’actualité]The batter is also awkward “I won’t even let the foul fly forward” “I don’t even scratch” the desperate “muso ball”

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