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Roger Federer (Switzerland), who won 20 times in men’s singles at the four major tennis tournaments,announced his retirement

Amid many voices of regret over the retirement of a world-famous tennis legend, Tokyo Paralympic gold medalist and wheelchair tennis player Shingo Kunieda sent a message to Federer.

Kunieda posted the following on his Twitter account on September 16.

Federer made me love tennis so much. Being able to play together is a treasure for life.

The tweet was accompanied by a double shot from Federer and Kunieda giving a high-five on the tennis court.

The two have teamed up before to compete on the same field.

In October 2019, at Ariake Tennis Park in Tokyo,「UNIQLO LifeWear Tokyo Day」took place for the first time. At the event, “New Mixed Doubles” was hosted by four of the best tennis players in the world. At Kunieda’s request, Federer and Kunieda formed a team to achieve their dream match.

The photo Kunieda shared in this tweet is said to have been taken at the event. The post reads: “One of the bestSheet””Incredible photo between the best players in history”, commented with delight.

“Isn’t there Kunieda in Japan?

There is a famous episode in which Federer once praised Kunieda’s achievements.

In 2007, a Japanese journalist became Federer“Why are there no world-class players in the Japanese tennis world?”WhenAsked. Federer responded by saying,

” What are you talking about ? Kunieda is in Japan, right?

Asahi Shimbun DigitalAccording to him, Kei Nishikori, who admired Federer since childhood, also remembers this episode. Nishikori was interviewed by the company“Even Roger knows Mr. Kunieda. I thought that was amazing.”said.

Two legends who respect each other. Kunieda’s words of encouragement were filled with gratitude and respect.

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