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Keiichi Obata

■ Onyankopon

[Entraînement intermédiaire]Won the Keisei Cup in January with a snap. In the Spring Classic performance, they finished 6th in the Satsuki Sho and 8th in the Japanese Derby, and neither won nor lost. After that, he announced that he would dedicate the summer to rest and leave Centlight Memorial in early fall. He returned to Miho on August 19 as scheduled. On the first timed of the 25, Shigeru Kojima rode and immediately put three horses together against two new two-year-olds. Due to the difference in dignity, he was able to join the hunt and it seems the care at the ranch was going well. After that, the wood and the slopes are used together and careful adjustments are made. Akira Sugawara jockeyed on September 8, a week ahead, and three horses chasing two horses with wood. When I came out in the middle of the straight, Kuragami pursued hard not to let his guard down, and each of them came in front with a big difference of four lengths.

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[Dernier dépassement]During race week, Shigeru Kojima will be riding with Wood. If you attach to the opponent with a corner job, the speed will not rise, and you will run side by side to love the opponent. When the commander lightly gave the go-ahead at the last minute, he showed a quick reaction and finished within half a horse length.

[Avis]The watch face isn’t that flashy, but the number is more than enough. In order not to get too emotional, the amount of training is emphasized rather than the load. There is calm, and the handling of the legs set up is light. Unfortunately, there is no atmosphere for Kikuka-sho, Emperor-sho and autumn, so I will give everything I have here, which is close to the best conditions.

Overall Rating “A”

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