“Chimudondon” 115th: Why This Week’s Subtitle Was “Carrot Shiri Shiri” – Cinema’s by Shochiku

  1. ‘Chimudondon’ 115th: Why This Week’s Subtitle Was ‘Carrot Shirishiri’Cinemas by Shochiku
  2. [ちむどんどん] Week 23 (111-115 times) Digest | Understand in about 2 minutes[Alerte spoiler]| Morning drama | NHKNHK
  3. NHK’s morning drama “Chimudondon” Kenhide (Ryusei Ryo) “no ring proposal” has the internet roaring with laughter! “It must be a great group!iza (iza!)
  4. Kuroshima Yuina, Asadora “Chimu Dondon” 16.1% Nobuko’s Okinawan restaurant is full of customers who don’t knownikkan sport
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