Commentary: Who is winning the war in Ukraine – BBC News

  1. [Commentaire]Who won the war in Ukraine?BBC News
  2. Demand to resign from Russia after 200 days of invasion, even a proposal for a phantom peace agreement… Is President Putin impatient with Ukraine’s turnaround offensive? (September 16, 2022)TV Tokyo BIZ
  3. High obstacles to recovering lost ground for the Russian army, a blow to the military industrythe wall street journal
  4. Ukrainian army overthrow offensive / anti-Putin movement | Nikkei News Plus 9TV Tokyo BIZ
  5. Will Ukraine continue its streak? True combat results and casualties that go unreported. Recapture of Kharkiv could lead to ‘Battle of the Bulge’ which hastens defeat = Koji TakashimaSILVER VOICE
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