Details of Project Moon’s New RPG “Limbus Company”, Known for “Library of Ruina”, etc. have been revealed.

Details of Project Moon’s new “Limbus Company” RPG, known as “Library of Ruina”, etc., have been lifted.

Limbus Company Image and Video Gallery

Before we dive into the content of the latest show from the rising Korean indie, let’s take a look at Project Moon for those unaware. Project Moon is a Korean independent studio known for Lobotomy Corporation (2018) and Library of Ruina (2021). The first game, Lobotomy Corporation, was an SCP Foundation-inspired game, and was a roguelike simulation where you manage the staff of the facility while battling monsters called “Anomalies”. “Library of Ruina” continues the story of the previous work and became a library-themed card battle. Both are engaging games with unusual gameplay systems, unique characters and artwork, and intricate stories. So far it’s been mostly for PC, but Project Moon’s work has evolved into a management-like RPG like a social game, and it’s finally coming to mobile. The official genre of the latest “Limbus Company” work is “Sin Resonance Cruel RPG”, and it seems that you can also enjoy an exciting story. The studio also seems to be gaining popularity in Japan, and it looks like the trial of this work at TGS2022 took 6 hours (official tweet). Below we will deliver the content told in the program divided into four elements: story, combat, dungeon and battle pass. 1. In the story program that manages 12 characters and finds the “golden branch”, the latest trailer of this work for TGS2022 has been released. The song in the trailer is the theme song “In Hell We Live, Lament” by Mili (feat. KIHOW of MYTH & ROID). As previously announced, the release date for this work will be Winter 2022. A video explaining the worldview of this work has also been released. In this work, the scene is a huge city divided into 26 zones with different levels of technological and cultural development. The player becomes a manager who manages 12 prisoners (characters), and the goal is to search for “golden branches” while going around the city. They have different backgrounds and personalities, and each character’s relationships and stories would be told along the journey. The golden branch seems to be the essence of the past branch technology of “Lobotomy Corporation”. Lobotomy Corporation is a company that produces a large amount of energy from “fantasy bodies” (abnormalities in early work). The golden branch is said to be somewhere in the abandoned branch of Lobotomy. There doesn’t seem to be a problem starting this job, but you can see there is a connection to the previous job. Apparently, players aren’t the only ones looking for the golden branch. In addition to the phantasmagoria that remains in the Lobotomy branch, you must also fight the enemies aiming for the golden branch. In order to combat these, we will use various “personalities” (essentially, characters) of prisoners. Using the right personality seems to make it easier to fight enemies. In addition, the “EGO” technology that was in previous works will also appear in this work. This is a technique that allows you to extract weapons and armor from ghosts, and it seems that obtaining and using the optimal EGO will be the key to capturing this work. 2. Battle system like a social puzzle RPG Battle is a type of social game that captures stages divided into chapters such as 1-1, 2-1, etc. In battle, 12 personalities (characters) are organized according to the conditions of the stage and the exit. It seems that the number of people who can participate in the battle varies depending on the scene, and the video showed a scene where 6 people participated.

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