“Dragon Quest Treasures Blue Eyes and the Compass in the Sky” Camus & Maya in battle are in a “tactician” position!? Famitsu.com

The Tokyo Game Show 2022 will be held from September 15 to 18, 2022 (15 and 16 are working days).

On September 17, 2022, Square Enix announced at Tokyo Game Show 2022SQUARE ENIX TGS2022delivered. Therefore, on December 9, 2022, “Expected release on Nintendo Switch”Dragon Quest Treasures Blue Eyes and Sky Compass』Announced the latest information.

The opening started with a corner where Ryuji, a cooking researcher, recreated the dishes that appear in “Dragon Quest Treasures: Blue Eyes and the Sky’s Compass”.

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*The image is a capture from the official distribution video.

Mr. Ryuji smiled wryly when he received a letter from Taichi Inuzuka, the producer of this work, saying, “Black rice, night cider, please. Apparently, it seems that two dishes are prepared only in the image of the name of the dish. By the way, Ryuji is a “Dragon Quest lover” who erased most of the numbered “Dragon Quest” titles.

Dark Rice and Ryuji’s Nightsider are complete!

Check out Ryuji’s Black Rice and Night Cider here.

The Inuzuka producer arrived when the dish was finished and Mr. Ryuji immediately served the finished dish. Night Cider and Dark Rice rave about “Ume! It’s delicious!” I ate it all up in no time.

After enjoying the food, the topic turned to the game “Dragon Quest Treasures Blue Eyes and the Compass in the Sky”. Producer Inuzuka presents the PV of Ryuji, who played most of the numbered tracks but doesn’t know much about this work.

“Dragon Quest Treasures Blue Eyes and Compass in the Sky” TGS2022 Special Trailer

Ryuji seems to have considerable affection for the “Dragon Quest” series, saying, “Just listening to ‘the opening’ brings me to tears.” After watching the PV, Ryuji said, “It’s a bit different from what I imagined in a good way. Producer Inuzuka said, “For the first time in a long time, we’ve abolished command battles because it was a spin-out from the new Dragon Quest. I wanted to create something new that gives you a sense of the atmosphere,” he said of his enthusiasm for the job.

Producer Inuzuka said that while there were quite a few twists and turns to be honest, he faced challenges while protecting what should be protected as “Dragon Quest”. It’s a new kind of gameplay for the “Dragon Quest” series, so it can be a bit confusing, but if you’re a recent player, it seems like a job you can easily get into and enjoy.

“Is there a hack and slash element?”, “Since Monsters Befriended,”dragon quest monsters? Ryuji asking an angry question. I wonder if this work was curious enough, and I jumped at the manic questions unique to fans of the series.

In response to this question, producer Inuzuka said that “Dragon Quest Monsters” focuses on collecting monsters, but this work is mainly about treasure hunting. The flow and explanation of collecting other monsters as members for the treasure hunt. Additionally, monsters can be equipped with “coins”, which seem to incorporate elements of hacking and insults.

Among the treasures you collectLot’s SwordWhereprincess loveIn addition to the equipment and items that appeared in successive “Dragon Quest” series, there are also figures of the main characters of each work and statues of monsters. For those who have played the whole series, there are many treasures that will make you smile, and even if you haven’t played the series, the treasure hunt for this work will give you the opportunity to play each work. “I wish I could be you.”

Ryuji said, “Since the main characters are Camus and Maya,Dragon Quest XIDo you have anything prepared that reminds you of the connection to Producer Inuzuka replied, “It’s a story about Camus and Maya going to another world when they were raised by Vikings, so by the time Dragon Quest XI, they had already lived this story”.

“Besides, I prepared a video that reminds me of ‘Dragon Quest XI’ as a tribute, and in addition to the story…” couldn’t.

The next question is about the battle.Ryuji was worried about the battle system because of the abolition of command battles, but in the battle of this workMonsters are the main characters in battle, and Camus and Maya use a pachinko-like device called a “slingshot” to heal and strengthen other monsters.And so on, he appears to be fighting in a supportive standing position.

The action part of the battle will be fought by other monsters, so it’s a game that even people who aren’t good at action can enjoy.

This work isspecial packagewas also decided to sell, and in addition to the slimy piggy bank, it comes with codes for 3 other monsters.

Many voice actors are used for other monsters, for example, six voice actors are prepared for a slime, and it is randomly decided when it becomes a friend. Therefore, in addition to performing other monsters, there is also a fun way to befriend your favorite voice actor Slime!?

The other monsters speak freely during adventures and battles, and become quite lively during the game. A video about this was also released, but unfortunately the voice was not transmitted in the picture. If you are interested, please watch the video.

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