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“An updated her Instagram on August 29, reporting that she moved to Paris with her 6-year-old twin daughters and 4-year-old eldest son. He is said to be starting a new life.” (entertainment manager)

From now on, Anzu (36 years old) will continue to work in Japan by going back and forth between Japan and France. On August 28, my father was photographed in Japan before leaving for France.Ken Watanabe(62) was posted on Kyou’s YouTube channel.

“The first father-daughter co-star was performed in this video, and it has been viewed 9.46 million times (as of September 12) and received a great response. At the end of the video, An announces that she’ll be moving to France, and Ken says, “Please contact me once a day to confirm security. I was replying.” (Sports reporter)

Another collaboration video was also released on September 4, and the total for the two videos exceeded 10 million views. An acquaintance reveals the other side of such a father-daughter video.

“It seems the discussion was decided as off the cuff. But this video has completely cleared it up.

Previously, Anne-san had revealed that Ken-san was ‘a person who helps take care of children, and can be spoiled if something happens’.

Moreover, Watanabe is said to have given Kyou surprising advice.

“Ken-san said to Anne-san, ‘Even if you go there, please contact Higashide-kun.'” I heard that even after the divorce, Mr. Higashide and his children met once a month in a park in Tokyo, etc. It is said that Mr. An tried to let Ken say, “Yeah, yeah. (previously mentioned, an acquaintance of Kyou)

An acquaintance of Watanabe speculates on the “feelings of the father” he advised.

“I think Ken, who has been divorced twice in the past due to women issues, has a part of him that is like Higashide, who is sloppy with women. Ken and Anne live apart. Even after becoming like that, I always kept in touch with him regularly via email. It is said that when Anne’s drama was decided, Ken gave her words of encouragement. I want Ide-kun to have a good relationship with his children in France will be treated remotely.

But, to be honest, I think Anne is tired of having a direct conversation with Higashide.

The long-awaited life in Paris will probably bring more smiles to the faces of children.

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