[Lycée]Fall Hokushinetsu district Nagano Tournament Combination Decision[Breaking news]: Nines WEB

Pairings for the 147th Prefectural High School Baseball Tournament in Hokushinetsu District (prefectural management of Ueda, Orista and Nagano Prefectures), which will begin on September 23, were decided on September 16. In the 1st block of the district, influential schools such as 4 private schools grouped together in the Matsusho Gakuen block (1st place in Chushin).

In the battle for Hokushinetsu’s place (3), 1st and 2nd ranked Azuma Shinsei Saku Chosei and Uedanishi, and 1st and 2nd ranked Chushin Matsusho Gakuen and Matsumoto Daiichi lead with their overall strength.

Check the main highlights for each block.
(The detailed explanation will be updated later)

▼Highlights of each block▼

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