Mr. Takafumi Horie doubts reports urging caution against typhoons “It’s exaggerated” – Sirabee

What does Takafumi Horie think of reports calling for caution against typhoons and corona?

Takafumi Horie

On the 17th, when caution against typhoon n°14 was needed, Horiemon, a businessmanTakafumi HorieHe updated his official Twitter account. He questioned how catastrophe and corona coverage should be, saying: “The current trend feels like it’s going too far.”

[Tweet]”Three precious vacation days because of the typhoon…”

■ Warning reports for typhoons…

That day, businessman Isseki Nagae, who worked at Livedoor, quoted a news article on reports of the typhoon, saying, “Even when it snows, the warning goes off and it misses. It will be wiped out,” he tweeted.

“It’s the same with Corona, but it’s really hard to prevent too much, isn’t it? Who is responsible if it goes wrong?”

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■ Concern for the industry that will be damaged

Mr Horie posted a rebuttal tweet when a user commented: ‘I just urge you to take countermeasures by exaggerating to reduce the damage as much as possible.’

He pointed out: “Outfielders who don’t suffer losses say so. Tourism and corona are terrible things already,” he said. tipped too much on the safe side,” he complained. .

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