[Rose S / Chasing Diagnosis]High Appraisal for a Full-Fledged Ambusher “The Attack is Relentless” | DIFFUSION

■ Eglantine

[Ajustement intermédiaire]In the 1-win class of the previous race, he escaped from the right attack and took a comfortable victory 3 lengths from 2nd. Even though it was a flat field limited to fillies, it was a win that put a lot of strain on the big ability. It seems that the effect of the shadow roller, which was the first time I wore it, was also excellent. It was decided to move to the Rose Stakes from that win, and it was adjusted to Ritto from early September with short-term grazing. On 3 and 4, he loosened his body on the 15-15 incline, and on the incline chase on 7 a week ago, he was overwhelmed with the response, despite being an inferior opponent. And on the 11th, a single pass on CW. At the end the load is applied and the 1F is 10 seconds 9 (full) and shows the dynamic legs.

◆[Prévision Rose Stakes 2022 / commande cadre / données jockey]Which horses to target based on chart data from the past 10 years?

[Rose S2022]Which horse to target based on frame orders and jockey data from the last 10 years?

[Dernier rattrapage]A week before, Sunday catch-up and gently digested training. During race week it would have been nice to race solo, but I chose to race together on the tracks. When he entered the 3-Year-Old, 1-Win class, which he was aiming for in the final focus content, he showcased his fighting spirit in the latest gimmick and introduced it.

[Avis]A clear win in a state where the previous run was kind of over. It was 4 weeks after that, and it was a situation where it wasn’t necessary to attack as much, but it seems the short term grazing resulted in tremendous recovery and growth. Since it is a heavy challenge that the ticket to the final triple crown match was on the line, he has no choice but to attack. This time he performed the Sunday wood hunt he had passed in the previous race, and showed dramatic improvement there. In the final chase, he raced side by side with Meisho Clift, a talented horse of the same generation, and showed a strong race. The body is elongated and full of fullness. Even in a GII partner relationship, if it’s that atmosphere, it’s good to be on par.

Overall Rating “A”

Centlight Memorial 2022 List of Expected Columns

▼Remedial Diagnosis
◆[Diagnostic de rattrapage]High Rating That Surpasses Ask Victor More “I don’t feel uncomfortable with my physical condition”

◆[Diagnostic de rattrapage]Highest grade “S” is popular horse with 100% peak rate No recoil in previous run “Excellent finish”

◆[Diagnostic de rattrapage]Highly rated “A” for a Popular Graded Horse

◆[Diagnostic de rattrapage]”B” rating for a popular track horse.

▼Anuma Prediction
◆[Chevaux populaires dangereux]Horses ranked in the top two are assessed as “suppressed” “It’s tough against horses of the same generation.”

▼Data prediction
◆[Données jockey]If the conditions are met, care should be taken to exceed the “50% maximum match rate” Popular horses are determined by their head

◆[Capture de données – Partie 1]Anxiety factor for the rising horse from the previous race

◆[Capture de données – Partie 2]Strongly boosted by the “100% double ratio” What is Anuma with undisputed stage ability?

▼Other data trends from the past 10 years
◆[Frame order]Onyankopon and Ask Victormore are in 5 images Gaia Force is a demon with a “2nd match rate of 0%”

◆[Tendance généalogique]Combination of unique salvage value “350” awakening in Nakayama

◆[Tendance de la qualité des jambes]Preceding is extremely advantageous, but it should be noted that the upper 3F

◆[Course précédente Rote]The Japan Derby team with the most wins out of 6 is also Anama’s favorite candidate who wants to be careful

◆[Lecture vidéo / Centlight Memorial 2021]Defeat Popular Title Holder #1, Popular #9 Asama no Itazura cut from the outside and won the ranked first prize

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