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Chapter 40Roses(GII, turf 2000m) was announced by the JRA on the 16th.

Aiming to come back from 7th place in the previous race at the Oaksart houseIs the 8th of the 5th frame, a good blood horse with two consecutive victories with Sarios, who won the Asahi Cup Futurity S for his half-brothersalt shakeris No. 6 in 4th frame, a rising horse in 3rd gamesaint camelliaentered the first frame.

Continuing from last year, the event will take place in Chukyo. Here, with the state of the Chukyo 2000m GII race in the past 10 years, “Frame control / jockey datawill be analyzed.

◆[Rose Stakes 2022 Forecast / Chasing Diagnosis]High rating for the ever-improving Ambusher “The Attack is Relentless”

◆[Rose Stakes 2022]Training video and benchmark run

◆[Rose Stakes 2022 Predictions / Rote ahead]Which horses should be targeted based on the 10 year data graph?

[Rhodes S2022]What is the horse to aim for based on the previous race in the last 10 years?

◆[Rose Stakes 2022 Forecast/Popularity & Pedigree Trends]Which horses should be targeted based on chart data from the last 10 years?

[Rose S2022]What is the horse to target according to the popularity trends of the last 10 years?

[Lecture vidéo / Rose Stakes 2021]The popular 4th Andvaranout rises from the outside and wins the second graduated prize with the fastest leg.

■ Trends in frame commands/jockey performance

*If the graph is not displayed,here

Good frame for the most wins

art houseWhenmemory reasonThe 5 images with 12.5% ​​win rate and 33.3% double win rate, which are the highest values.
⇒ In last year’s Loth Stakes, No. 12 seed Eishinhiten finished second and No. 10 seed Gibeon won the Golden Shachi Award. In this year’s Golden Shachi Award, Akaiito, who is the 5th seed, is in 3rd place and has the highest score of 982 wins.

A jockey specialized in the same course

・Won 3 GII races on the same courseart houseclimb onMasamasa Kawadajockey
⇒ In this year’s Golden Shachi Award, Rei Paparé, who was recommended as the second seed, came in second, and in the Rose Stakes two years ago, third seed Leah Amelia took first place. If the horse ridden by the same jockey is recommended in the top 3 favorites,[]has a multiple win rate of 50.0%.

Centlight Memorial 2022 List of Expected Columns

▼Remedial Diagnosis
◆[Diagnostic de rattrapage]High Rating That Surpasses Ask Victor More “I don’t feel uncomfortable with my physical condition”

◆[Diagnostic de rattrapage]Highest grade “S” is popular horse with 100% peak rate No recoil in previous run “Excellent finish”

◆[Diagnostic de rattrapage]Highly rated “A” for a Popular Graded Horse

◆[Diagnostic de rattrapage]”B” rating for a popular track horse.

▼ Anuma Predictions
◆[Chevaux populaires dangereux]Horses ranked in the top two are assessed as “suppressed” “It’s tough against horses of the same generation.”

▼Data prediction
◆[Capture de données – Partie 1]Anxiety factor for the rising horse from the previous race

◆[Capture de données – Partie 2]Strongly boosted by the “100% double ratio” What is Anuma with undisputed stage ability?

▼Other data trends from the past 10 years
◆[Frame order]Onyankopon and Ask Victormore are in 5 images Gaia Force is a demon with a “2nd match rate of 0%”

◆[Tendance généalogique]Combination of unique salvage value “350” awakening in Nakayama

◆[Tendance de la qualité des jambes]Preceding is extremely advantageous, but it should be noted that the upper 3F

◆[Course précédente Rote]The Japan Derby team with the most wins out of 6 is also Anama’s favorite candidate who wants to be careful

[Lecture vidéo / Centlight Memorial 2021]By defeating the holder of the popular No. 1 title, the popular No. 9 Asama no Itazura wins the first ranked prize by cutting himself from the outside

Award Writing Spread

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