Ryoko Shinohara x Tetsuya Komuro’s Tag Team Performed Again, “Longing and Sadness and Encouragement 2023” Completed (Comments by Ryoko Shinohara and Tetsuya Komuro/Video Included)

Ryoko ShinoharaThe rearranged version of the song “Koisashi to Setsuna to Encouragement,” “Koisashi to Setsuna to Encouragement 2023,” was released today September 17th.

From left to right, Ryoko Shinohara and Tetsuya Komuro.

From left to right, Ryoko Shinohara and Tetsuya Komuro.

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Ryoko Shinohara delivery jacket

Ryoko Shinohara “Love and Sorrow and Strength and 2023” Delivery Jacket[expansion]

“Koishisato Sensunasato Encouragement” was released in 1994 and was used as the insert song for the theatrical animation “Street Fighter II MOVIE”. “Koishisato Setsunasato Encouragement 2023” was produced as the image song for the Japanese version of “Street Fighter 6” which will be released next year.Tetsuya Komurodid the rearrangement and Shinohara recently recorded the vocals.

Regarding the song’s release, Shinohara commented, “‘Koishisato Sadunasato Encouragement’ is a song that changed my life, and if Tetsuya Komuro hadn’t given me this song, I might not have done this job. .I’m so grateful to I met Komuro-san so much that I don’t think I can do it,” he commented. Komuro also said, “The new version has the same lyrics as the original, so I would be happy if everyone could listen to the new song that Ryoko-chan sings.”

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Commentary by Ryoko Shinohara

“Koishisa to Setsuna to Encouragement” is a song that changed my life.Tetsuya KomuroI’m so grateful to have met Komuro-san, to the point that I think I might not have been able to do this job if he hadn’t given me this song. This time, the new version of “Loss and Heartbreak and Encouragement 2023” is over, so I hope those who heard the original will listen to it again with a new feeling.

Comment by Tetsuya Komuro

This time, I rearranged and asked Mr. Shinohara to sing it again, “Koshisashi to Setsuna to Koyoku to 2023”, which became the Japanese song for “Street Fighter 6”. This song was a big hit for me 28 years ago, and I’m grateful that it gave me a lot of confidence in my production. the game was called ‘Strike 2’, and there were many fighters in the game, but one of them was a female fighter named ‘Chun-Li’.Ryoko ShinoharaI wrote the lyrics from the perspective of supporting the fighters, with an appropriate image. Even people who seem strong to others, I miss them, they are heartbreaking, but they are also reassuring. It’s a word that came out of the place. Also, the new version has the same lyrics as the original, so I hope everyone will enjoy listening to the new song sung by Ryoko-chan.

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