Saki Baba Surrounded By Great Galleries Even Though She Failed Foreplay, ‘It Was More Fun Than Frustrating'[Domestic Women’s Tour LPGA]| GDO Golf Digest Online

◇Domestic Women ◇Sumitomo Life Vitality Ladies Tokai Classic Day 2 (17th)◇Shinnan Aichi CC Mihama Course(Aichi) ◇6502yd (by 72)

Win the August All-American Women’s AmateurSaki Baba(Yoyogi High School, Tokyo) couldn’t stop the first day’s flow when it hit “76”, and the second day was also off to a rough start.


Due to the approaching typhoon, the maximum instantaneous wind speed was 12.7 m/s that day. ‘I want to be as little affected by the wind as possible’ and hit the tee shot with a short grip in the right rough. I hit the second shot 2.5m behind the pin, but unfortunately missed the putt on the downswing and started the par.

Continuing from day one, the tee shot continued to be frustrating, with no birdies and two bogeys on the half-turn. In the second half, he changed his mind, saying: “I attacked to leave no regrets. He was brought to 2m with a 58-degree corner and the birdie putt was sunk.

2 birdies, 2 bogeys, ’72’. Without increasing the score, the triumphant return match resulted in a total of 4 overs and a 74th place in qualifying. “When I thought I wanted a birdie, I missed a shot because I wanted to put in too much,” he said. The two-day fairway retention rate was slow at 25% (7/28). “There were holes where the fairways were narrow and I couldn’t hit the driver. I think I could have had a good round if I had put the ball on the fairway even though the flight distance had decreased. ” I regretted it.

Even so, 5,179 golf fans packed the course early in the morning to catch a glimpse of the All-American Women’s Amateur winner, and rounds were played surrounded by large galleries for the second day in a row. “I feel frustrated that I didn’t make it through the qualifying round, but I got to play in front of a lot of people for two days, and it was more fun than frustrating, and I got to have a good experience for the coming. “.

The next leg of the tour is the major national tournament “Japan Women’s Open” (September 29 / Chiba,Murasaki CC Sumire Course) must attend. “I’m very happy to be able to play in a game that has a long history. There are a lot of people around me who come to support me, so I want to use what I’ve learned this time and do my best so that I can play even better. He also flashed a smile that made it hard to believe it was an interview after failing in the qualifying round. This experience makes the 17-year-old high school student even stronger. Mihama City, Aichi Prefecture / Koshiro Uchiyama)

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