Snow Man, Meguro Ren’s surprise backstage release “Sore Suno” 1 hour SP unreleased scene released – model press

On the 18th, the first Snow Man show “Let Snow Man do it” (TBS series, every Sunday from 1:00 p.m.) will unveil the unseen scenes of “Sore Suno” 1h SP.

“Sore Suno” Broadcast of an unreleased one-hour SP scene

On September 13, the one-hour SP of “Sore Suno” premiered on the national network’s main band. Snow Man is the strongest dance artist team made up of gorgeous members from the entertainment world and Japanese high school who won the 2021 national high school dance club championship. A hot one-night only dance battle happened with the first dance club, and it became a big topic not only in Japan, but also in the global Twitter trend.

This time, we will announce some never-before-seen scenes that were cut to tears due to the length, such as behind the scenes of “laugh” and “impression” that could not be included in the main part of the SP of an hour that has become such a hot topic.

Selected never-before-seen scenes reveal behind-the-scenes scenes that weren’t seen in the main story, such as the upside of the thrilling school infiltration, which Snow Man was most surprised at there and the members’ surprise strategy for Ren. Meguro. . In addition, we will also provide a “special dance-only version” for each of the Snow Man teams, the artist team, and Japan’s top dance club in high school. (modelpress writing)

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