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[Voir une autre image liée à cet article]“Resident Evil Village Gold Edition” is an additional “Winter’s Expansion” content set to “Resident Evil Village” released in 2021. It is scheduled to be released on October 28, and only “Winter’s Expansion” will be released at the same time. The additional content includes three new elements: the “Third Person Mode” which allows you to play “Resident Evil Village” from a third person point of view, the additional game “The Mercenaries Additional Orders” and the new scenario ” Shadows of Lords”. ago The “Shadows of Rose” that I got to play this time is a new scenario that features a story in which the main character is Rosemary, the daughter of Ethan, the main character of “Resident Evil Village” . ■ In a castle filled with deja vu and incongruity “Shadows of Rose” depicts the world 16 years after the incident of “Resident Evil Village”. The great Rosemary was troubled by her own special power. In order to seal this power, he jumped into the mycorrhizal memory world, the “consciousness world”, and what he arrived at was a collection of memories of “that village” absorbed by the mycorrhizae. In this trial, I was able to play Chapter 1, which explores the castle in search of something with rosemary in the early stages. The castle I experienced this time is a castle in the “world of consciousness”, so it is more weird than beautiful. Black sclerotia resembling coal tar stuck to the floor and walls everywhere, blocking Rosemary’s path. This sclerotium not only blocks Rosemary’s path, but also creates a face eater who is the enemy of this job. The interior of the castle is blocked by sclerotia, so explore while using gadgets to take detours and avoid them. The feeling of looking for a place you can go while being nervous about enemies (described later) blocking your path and you don’t know when they’ll appear is thrilling and fun. Additionally, if you find a sclerotia core, you can use Rosemary’s special powers to remove the core, clear the surrounding sclerotia, and move on. As I find the appropriate method on the spot and move forward, I feel a great sense of accomplishment when things go well. It should be in the castle you should know in “Resident Evil Village”, but the castle filled with sclerotia looks like a completely different place. I am very curious to know why the memory of the village in mycorrhiza regenerates in such a state. ■ A new horror experience that battles enemies unique to the “world of consciousness” In this work, the enemies are not zombies but creatures called face eaters. The Face Eater is shaped like a human, but it is a creature with an odd appearance with no eyes or nose on its head and only a mouth. The movement is erratic and the upper body wobbles up and down, left and right, which makes it very strange and difficult to aim even if you try to attack with a gun. While chasing the figure with a pistol, the distance is gradually reduced. The way they move and the way they stand are different from zombies, and they have a kind of indescribable and different kind of terror. When you approach a face eater, you are attacked and suck your face instead of biting yourself like a zombie. For a moment, I couldn’t tell if it was an attack or some kind of curse, and I was confused. Even though I know it’s out of this world, I’m at a loss for words. However, the Face Eater isn’t very fast, so you can either defeat it by keeping your distance or run away without getting caught. However, if you shoot while backing up, the sclerotia can get stuck, so it’s recommended to watch your surroundings closely before proceeding. ■ Encouraging and mysterious character who supports Rosemary only with letters In this work, there is a character “Michael” who guides Rosemary only with letters. The existence of “Michael”, who only gives instructions with simple words in English, is a reassuring ally to fight in a world far from reality. The story I experienced this time was also firmly navigated, so I was able to proceed smoothly. “Shadows of Rose” is a “Resident Evil”, but in this work I felt a new fear that was different from before. In addition, the feeling of moving forward while using Rosemary’s power and the space of the “consciousness world” has a fantastic atmosphere that is different from the real world of the usual “Resident Evil”. It was also interesting as a form of new “Resident Evil” experience. ©CAPCOM CO., LTD. 2022, 2023 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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