Yone is already excited about Taka and Senga ‘One of the most popular’ FA rights acquisition overseas ‘Every team is looking forward to it’ | Full Count

“The ball is perfect. The forks change obsessively.”

American media are paying attention to Kodai Senga, a Softbank pitcher who acquired the FA overseas rights on the 16th. The US sports bureau “ESPN” placed Senga in the “second group” alongside the Astros Justin Verlander on the FA market this offseason and said, “I think he’s going to be one of the most popular players.” Chiga a player the Cubs should look to.

Chiga has scored double-digit wins for 7 straight years in NPB. It is said to have obtained the rights of the FA overseas, and the American media are also paying great attention to it. US sports media “The Athletic” said on the 4th of this month (5th Japan time) that the Cubs will make two big investments this offseason, “A great starting pitcher like Kodai Senga coming from Japan. If you sign with us, it will bring about a noticeable change.” Additionally, on 15 (16), he named Chiga as one of the players the Cubs should turn to for backup, predicting that “Japanese right-hander Kodai Senga will also be pursued.”

On the 14th (15th), “ESPN” published an article in which the talented journalist Jeff Passan ranked the FA players out of season in 5 stages. Senga was in the second pool (2nd place) with Verlander and Giants left arm Carlos Rodon, saying, “Every team has been looking forward to the day Senga comes to MLB. If he does, he will be the one of the most popular players. . His throwing is impeccable. His fastball is hitting 101.9 mph this season and his spreads are obsessed.

Cub media outlet “Bleacher Nation” quoted these articles and explained, “Unlike Carlos Rodon, he’s a true FA who doesn’t demand draft compensation or incur posting fees like Seiya Suzuki. .” . The media also said that the ball speed reached 100 miles (about 161 kilometers) and the fork was the most eye-catching bottom line item a month ago, and said: “ERA is improving. ” I explain.

Senga signed a contract last with an annual salary of 600 million yen. Although the period is 5 years, the contract includes an opt-out to cancel the contract on the player side and become an FA, and the trend of quitting is now attracting attention.

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