“60 years is not much” The French “Spider-Man” embodies it too much. Climb a skyscraper without a lifeline[images et vidéos]| HuffPost WORLD

Mountaineer Alain Robert, nicknamed the “French Spider-Man”, scaled a 48-story skyscraper in Paris without a safety rope on September 17. Reuters and others reported.

Communications ReutersAccording to the report, it was a goal Robert set on his 60th birthday, saying, “I want to send the message that 60 is not a big deal. You can be awesome. and you can do great things”. he said.

Mr. Robert climbed 187 meters high, the building of the energy-related company “Total Energies” in the business district of Paris. Reuters also reported that Robert “hopes to use this as an opportunity to raise awareness of the need to tackle climate change.”

on the other hand,BBCRobert was reportedly arrested after reaching the top. It is said that he was arrested several times for climbing buildings without prior authorization.CNNreported that he was arrested around 120 times in 2018.

Reuters and Robert’sOfficial siteRobert started climbing in 1975. Normally they climb skyscrapers with only chalk and climbing shoes without safety ropes such as harnesses. He has scaled skyscrapers around the world, including the Burj Khalifa and the Eiffel Tower in Dubai, as well as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

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