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The end is finally approaching.

The taiga drama “Kamakura-dono no thirteen” (NHK General) has become a hot topic for its attractive characters who leave one after another. Shigetada Hatakeyama, who enjoys great popularity as a “model samurai”, is finally about to take the final flower path.

It is Taishi Nakagawa who plays. Along with the voice of regret at leaving, fans talk about the kind of scatter the handsome bando samurai will perform. Why was Shigetada Hatakeyama so beloved? I want to come back to the story of actor Taishi Nakagawa.

Demonstrates a wide range of swings, from beautiful acting to comedy

Belongs to the office of the fifth year of the primary school. Taishi Nakagawa, who debuted as a child actor in 2009, first came to public attention in the 2011 hit drama “Kaseifu no Mita” (Nippon TV). Playing the role of the eldest son in the second year of college, he naively expresses the swinging of the heart specific to adolescence. After that, he played a small-minded high school student who was bullied by girls in “GTO” (Kantele Fuji TV series), and played a second son who broke his heart due to pressure. excess of his father in “Night Train Ferris Wheel” (TBS series), at the beginning of his career. I was good at roles that require delicacy.

They say it’s hard to break away from the image of a child actor, but Taishi Nakagawa has appeared in school dramas such as “Water Polo Yankees” (Fuji TV), “Hell Teacher Nube” (Nippon TV), and “Kyoto”. Kira-kun”, “ReLIFE Relife”, and other “Kirakira Movies”, making a smooth transition. Listed as one of the promising young and handsome actors of the future, “Hana Nochi Hare ~Hanadan Next Season~” ( TBS series) shared popularity with Sho Hirano.

Talented group of the young generation!Taishi Nakagawa, acting power who embodies “Ikuemi Danshi”

In the currently airing drama “You and Me on the String” (TBS series), the main character, Yaeko (Haru), encounters an awkward love story in an adult violin class.

Right now, I would like to cite Rihito Kase from “You and I on the G-string” (TBS series) as the best contemporary dramatic act. His unrequited love for his older brother’s ex-fiancé is filled with sadness and grief, and yet it’s adorable how he gets upset when Yaeko (Haru) and Yukie (Matsushita Yuki) point out to him that ‘he doesn’t understand a woman’s heart. comical. In the final phase, he embodies the innocent and clumsy love affair with Yaeko with a performance that mixes clumsiness and righteousness. Bad-mouthed yet kind Rihito-kun always stays in the hearts of his fans.

Also, to have a strong influence on the image of Taishi Nakagawa, we must not forget the commercial “Hososugi-kun”. With long hair that has a great impact and too special a character, he managed to change from a refreshingly handsome man. This kind of swaying performance is probably what he cultivated in “LIFE! ~Tale for life~” (NHK General).

Taishi Nakagawa takes advantage of his inherent seriousness and dignity, while playing an orthodox role.

A Period Drama Acting Journey Built in Taiga Dramas

And when talking about Taishi Nakagawa’s career, one thing that shouldn’t be overlooked is his journey as a period drama actor. The first time I appeared in a taiga drama was in 2011, “Go ~Himetachi no Sengoku~” (NHK General). In the following year’s “Taira no Kiyomori” (NHK synopsis), he played Minamoto no Yoritomo’s childhood, the “Future Kamakura-dono”.

A scene worthy of special mention is the ceremony at the beginning of the ceremony. There, Yoritomo, who meets Taira no Kiyomori (Kenichi Matsuyama) for the first time, is overwhelmed by her presence and spills the sake served to Kiyomori. “After all, the Taira clan is the strongest samurai. They are different from the Minamoto clan, which has weak people like you.” However, when Kiyomori smiles when he sees himself like this, he feels various emotions other than hostility. A difficult scene that requires precise understanding and output from the script is performed with tears of frustration in her eyes and an expression that seems to be drawn to Kiyomori, similar to the friendship that exists between Kiyomori and Yoshitomo Minamoto (Hiroshi Tamaki). to rivalry.

Moreover, he will be the first to challenge the work of Koki Mitani in his third Taiga drama “Sanada Maru” (NHK General). It brilliantly portrayed the ambition and blood of Toyotomi Hideyori, and greatly subverted the public image of an unreliable second generation who followed their mother’s orders. The appearance of drawing a bare skin bow is beautiful, including the movement, and it has the dignity of a great stroke. The scene where he overwhelmed Ieyasu (Seiyo Uchino) pretending to be Toyotomi Hideyori made viewers laugh with a fearless smile, and even the internet commented, “I feel like I can win the Osaka seat this year. .” acquired a reputation.

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