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My name is Ayo Takanashi, a freelance writer. Every day I write articles regardless of genre, such as web columns, movie/manga reviews, and sometimes screenplays. In 2016, she debuted as a sexy actress because she had nothing else to do. Before I know it, two and a half years have passed since I entered the industry in one way or another, and I have decided to retire. After that, I returned to the daytime world as if nothing had happened. It’s been almost four years since I became a writer.last timeI wrote a story about how I retired from being a sexy actress.However, this time I would like to write about my career change which I hid from being a “former sexy actress”.

I tried to change my job to a day job without wanting to do anything

Ayo Takanashi

Hot former actress, now freelance writer Ayo Takanashi

Even if I change my job for a day job, I must first find a job that interests me. Unfortunately, I didn’t want to do it. I’ve always been a dreamless kid, and even after graduating from high school, I worked in clothing, onee-chan in a bar, a photoshoot model, and a sexy actress. My self-esteem was so low that at the time I thought I was useless no matter what. I kept acting because I couldn’t find any other job, but now that I’m a NEET, I don’t have time to think about unnecessary things. For some reason I created a list of things I don’t mind, instead of a list of things I want to do. If you don’t have many opportunities to feel bad about doing something, you might be able to keep doing it. When I wrote it with that in mind, what struck me was “blog writing = writing sentences”.

I liked to write, but I didn’t want to make a job out of it.

I’ve loved manga and anime since I was a kid, and when I was in kindergarten, I was addicted to all kinds of works, like “Ranma 1/2” which was re-released. Maybe because of that, I create stories and draw things that look like manga. I grew up to be a kid who likes to create anyway. I didn’t improve my drawing at all, but I liked writing sentences. I have experience writing screenplays for the drama club I belonged to in middle school, and I don’t remember feeling that writing was difficult. And I remember that the president of the agency to which I belonged said to me: “Your blog is interesting. At that moment, my previously foggy head cleared up and I suddenly felt motivated. “It’s not painful to write, so let’s do something like that!” Rather than taking action as soon as I thought of it, I felt I just had to try it first and if that didn’t work I could look for the next one.

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