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On September 8, 2022, Queen Elizabeth of England (Elizabeth II) died after 96 years. I never lived in England or studied British history at university, but I loved England and Queen Elizabeth! No, I still love you.

Queen Elizabeth, who has an unshakable dignity and dignity, but also somehow charming, could not help but attract not only her own people, but also people from all over the world. This time, with my condolences, I would like to present to you “the food that the queen loved”, which I have been pursuing as a fan for many years.

“Royal mandate” which is unexpectedly close to us

Royal Warrants can be found in Walker Shortbread, Maldon Salt and Chiptree Jam. A lion symbolizing England and a unicorn symbolizing Scotland support the shield.

“Royal Warrant” means a Royal Warrant and is a title used not only by the British Royal Family, but also in Belgium, Monaco and Denmark, where the Royal Family is located. Currently, around 800 companies and 900 royal warrants are issued in the UK. However, if this Royal Warrant, the issuer, Queen or King, dies, it will become invalid, so the current Royal Warrant may change in the future (with a grace period of up to two years) . Therefore, the Royal Warrant issued by Queen Elizabeth may be invalidated forever, so I would like everyone to remember the food the Queen loved!

Here are the Queen’s favorite sweets that are readily available in Japan.

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