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live only for revengeformer policemanShogo Kanetaka (Junichi Okada) is a fierce man who is noticed by the police and sent as an undercover investigator into the largest yakuza organization in the Kanto region. The mission is to seize the “secret file” held by the young leader of the organization, Yoshitaka Toake (MIYAVI). Beginning with contact with Hideki Murooka (Kentaro Sakaguchi), who is most compatible with the police investigation, he climbs the organization steadily and at lightning speed, but an end that no one can predict awaits him.

Okada Junichi and director Harada Masato’s third team introduce the “darkest hero in Okada’s history”, and with his 98% compatible crazed partner played by Kentaro Sakaguchi, a fierce battle unfolds for a hidden mission.

Naoko Ikenobe, the representative of the Baka the Bakka trailer production company, talks to people in the film industry who love movies. We asked him about filming location episodes and his thoughts on the film.

Director Masato Harada talks about

Three men who color “Helldogs”

IkenobeHave you seen the movie Helldogs? I thought it was a male movie that would make you want to reject it, but it was really interesting as entertainment, and I thought it would appeal to women as well.

HaradaThis film is, so to speak, a love story between men through violence. I think Okada-kun and (Sakaguchi) Kentaro were aware of the sexiness and sexiness that resulted. Also, a lot of the characters are yakuza, but when you see them wearing dark suits and looking cool, you think that’s a male combat uniform, right?

IkenobeJunichi Okada, how was it?

HaradaAnyway, we talked about getting sexier than Hijikata Toshizo (“Enter the Sword”) in the previous work. Filming was delayed due to Corona’s influence, but his focus was not interrupted during this time. On the contrary, I think I was able to get enough time to do what I wanted to do with the action and character creation.

IkenobeKentaro Sakaguchi was also very nice.

HaradaAt the time of the interview, he had already had an emotional match. They were very responsive and easy to talk to. It was a role he had never played before, but he wanted to do it himself.

IkenobeMy image so far has been a lot of love stories, and if anything, it’s been a little weak.

HaradaHe has great physical ability and good looks. Actors often want to play psychopaths, but I was really into him for this lovable psychopath role. Also, the combination with Okada-kun was better than I thought.

Director Masato Harada talks about

What I originally thought of this movie was that the original was a gangster movie with elements of ‘Apocalypse Now’ plus an image from Samuel Fuller’s ‘Tokyo Underworld: Bamboo House’. This film also contains elements of a love story between men, so I thought it would be nice if the three of us, including MIYAVI, could play this role well. Among them, Kentaro was the youngest to enter, and although the risk was great, he performed brilliantly.

IkenobeIt was great to be able to see a deep performance that I had never seen before. MIYAVI was also really cool.

HaradaHe’s very nice. I said jokingly, “I wouldn’t like someone to make a problem after filming is over and I have to delete the scene I appeared in. The first candidate would be MIYAVI, right? ? No way.” He was very serious and easy to work on the spot, and he himself gave us various ideas.

I lived abroad for a long time and worked with the directorial work of Angelina Jolie (“The Indomitable Man”). Unbroken”), he asks me directly when there’s something I don’t understand, and he does it after I figure it out. I really like that stuff, so it was fun.

IkenobeIt was a shoot surrounded by such men.

HaradaThe image I had in mind when I was writing the script gave me something more than that when they started moving. For example, when I thought I didn’t like the scene where Kentaro gives his death kiss to Tetsu Kaneda, they both really did (laughs). Seeing this stuff made me smile.

IkenobeIt must have been fun to play.

HaradaI think so. That’s why it was a shoot where every day was fulfilling. If the lead group is in a jolt, the stage will be dragged there, but this time there was no such thing, and the mood on the stage was very good.

IkenobeMayu Matsuoka is one of the women trying to animate these three men. His image was completely different.

HaradaWhen I saw her on set, she became better and better than I imagined and became a good woman. There were parts where her turn was cut off in the edit, but it was very easy to work with because it was pretty obvious that she wouldn’t take a step back from the men.

IkenobeShe was just a good girl, and she was cool.

HaradaHer costume was chosen by Masae Miyamoto, who has been in charge of costumes for my work for a long time. It is very difficult to dress a woman in such a world of men, but it perfectly matched her character and hair color. By the way, the hair color was Mr. Matsuoka’s idea.

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