Golden Generation Rival Confrontation Hina Hayata vs. Biu Hirano Clash at the Paris Olympics Representative Selection Meeting[Table Tennis Japan! Commentaire DEEP](Tokyo Sports TV) – Yahoo! News

[Tennis de table au Japon ! Livraison manquée]Hina Hayata vs Miu Hirano The golden generation born in 2000 go head-to-head!Live coverage of the matches on the first day of the tournament

Aiming for the Paris Olympics, Japan’s 32 strongest male and female athletes gathered at Axion Fukuoka (Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture) for a heated battle. This is the second time for the representative selection meeting. The match format is a tournament match and points are awarded based on ranking. In addition to the same selection meeting, the T League, All Japan Championships, World Championships, etc. are also subject to points, and total points through January 2024 will be disputed. Japanese girls are full of sparkling talent, but only the top two can play singles at the Paris Olympics. That’s a shame.

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