Intellasia East Asia News – Japanese government ordered to pay 1.65 million yen for the death of a Cameroonian

A Japanese court on Friday ordered the government to pay 1.65 million yen ($11,500) in damages to the bereaved family of a Cameroonian man who died while being held at an immigration control center in eastern Japan.

The bereaved family of the man, who died aged 43 at the Higashi-Nihon Immigration Center in Ushiku, Ibaraki Prefecture, in March 2014, demanded that the government pay 10 million yen in damages and interests, alleging that immigration officials failed to send him to a medical facility despite his alleged poor health.

In issuing the judgement, the Mito District Court ruled that the immigration office had failed in its duty, saying it should have sent the man to the hospital immediately.

During a hearing in March 2022, Masahiko Abe, presiding judge of the tribunal, recommended that both parties reach an amicable settlement.

According to the complaint, the Cameroonian man was arrested by Japan’s Immigration Services Bureau in November 2013 after being refused entry to the country at Narita Airport near Tokyo a month earlier.

He reportedly had health issues including diabetes, and on March 27, 2014, he was moved to a recovery room monitored by a security camera after complaining of not feeling well.

Although he underwent a medical examination at the facility, his condition worsened until his death a few days later on March 30.

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