J2 Round 37 game against Nagasaki Manager/Player Comments | FAGIANO OKAYAMA

September 17, 7:00 PM Kick-off @ City Light Stadium

Fagiano Okayama 3-0 V-Varen Nagasaki
1st half 1-0
second half 2-0

45+4min Jordi Vice
70 minutes Thiago Alves
75 min Mitchell Duke

8,321 visitors

■ Directed by Takayuki Kiyama
We were able to show our game aggressively from the start. Nagasaki had one player less which gave us an advantage, but the fact that we scored a goal in the first half was a major factor in bringing us closer to victory. We managed to throw crosses and pick up the second ball to get into the box, but it was difficult to create chances, so it was good that we scored a goal.
In the second half, while maintaining this lead, they were ready to go for the second goal. We were creating chances, but we didn’t score, and I felt bad about that. The players played with determination to score as many points as possible, and I’m happy that we were able to win.
In the previous section, I lost a painful star, and I myself thought that I had made a mistake in my preparations and estimates for the game, and I think the players also felt that they could not show their strength. As has been the case all year, the reaction after the loss has always been strong and I told him to get back on his feet. I’ve lost seven times, but I’ve always said it, so I’m glad I was able to show it today and win.
I am grateful that more than 8,000 people chose to watch Fagiano’s game even though it was a long holiday, and that they supported us and gave us a good atmosphere. The next match against Sendai will also be at home, so I will do my best.

■ Mitchell Duke
A good cross came from Tokumoto, and I was just thinking about sending him into the frame, and I’m glad I was able to help the team with that decision.
I thought I had to show a good team reaction from the Tokushima game. We had a rotation of members, each doing their own thing, and the result was a clean sheet and a good result.
I feel the fan and supporter support has been great all season and I think I’m the 12th player. We will need your help in the next game against Sendai. The Australian flag is also displayed at the stadium, and every time I see it I feel like I have to do well at this club to be selected for the national team. I’m going to the last game before the World Cup, so I want to stay in shape and do my best to be selected as a member of the World Cup final.
Although he will leave the team for the internationals, Fagiano believes whoever comes out can play for the team and lead the team to victory, and that is the depth of the layer. . I think that’s the key to getting through the season.

■ Yordi Vice
It was a tough schedule with six games in three weeks, but we have no excuse for that. The game against Tokushima was a disappointing result, but I’m happy that we were able to show our strength today and get back to the top of the rails to win. 15 points in 6 games is incredible and we are still in 3rd place. We’ve worked hard to go further and we’re back on track today, so we’ll just try to stay there and not stop.
In today’s game we were able to dominate from the start and it wouldn’t have been strange to score two goals in the first minutes. I couldn’t score there, but after that I got a penalty, and it was a good time to break the balance and break the opponent’s mentality.
Individually we may not be the highest quality team in J2, but as a team we are the highest quality team. Any opponent will struggle to play against Fagiano and we try not to focus on them, we always focus on ourselves.
It’s amazing that so many fans and supporters came to the game even in the middle of a typhoon. I’m happy and everyone pushes us. I was able to return the favor today. Personally, I feel a strong connection with the fans and supporters, and when they watch me from behind, I can play harder.
Another thing I would like to add is that the two best fans and supporters of J2 were present today. One is Fagiano Okayama and the other is V-Varen Nagasaki. It was also great to have everything in one stadium.

・Carefully do what we need to do
・ Increase various actions and go to shooting
・Let’s all do our best and win!

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