[Mobazeko]Player Comments After Sunday’s September 18 Match Against Mito Hollyhock | Mobile Albirex Z

[Mobazeko]Player comment after the match on Sunday September 18 against Mito Hollyhock

MobaAlZoriginalunityThe Mento “Mobazeko” was directly touched by Albirex Niigata’s PR department after the game. It’s content that delivers textual criticism of the game, feedback, and sometimes frustration!

In this section, we will deliver comments from James Maiko Ryu, Ryotaro Ito and Chikaku Taniguchi (Kaito Taniguchi’s mother).

DF No.5 Maiko Ryu James player

— Please review today’s game.

I think it was a game with a lot of problems, but the important thing is that we won. Sure, there’s a lot of weight and tension in every game from now on, but a player’s lifeline is how far he can play without getting lost. show strong power

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