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Monster Strike (Monster Strike)Appears inPandemonium (Pandemonium) “Colorful Magic of the Palace of Agony”[Super Ultimate/Aya]Quest capture page.
We introduce appropriate gadgets and characters, and explain the strategy procedure.

Pandemonium[Super Ultimate Aya]cheats

Capturing Monst Pandemonium[Super Ultimate/Aya]and appropriate summary
  • Gimmick ・ Boss Info ・ Capture Points
  • Information about gadgets and bosses
  • Explain the difference between Super Ultimate/Sai and normal Super Ultimate
  • Get Daily Clear Bonuses
  • Strategy Points
  • “Waku Waku no Mi” which is useful for strategy
  • “Crest of the Soul” useful for strategy
  • “Guardian Beast” useful for strategy
  • minnow attack pattern
  • Relevant characters and associated capture information
  • Suitable character (Gacha)
  • Appropriateness (event)
  • Everyone’s reaction & clear summary of the organization
  • Stage Info/Boss Attack
  • Strategy (battle of small fish)
  • Strategy (boss battle)
  • boss attack patterns

Pandemonium[Super Ultimate Aya]gimmick and boss info

Gadget Information

★ indicates the level that requires countermeasures.

Importance thing
★★★ gravity barrier
★★★ mine
(Explodes in 4 turns. 198,000 damage to allies with favorable attributes)
★★★ no chance
(2 Pandemonium will be dropped as a speed reward)
★★★ Reflex limit/internal weakness
(Everyone, let’s challenge with “Type of penetration”)
★★★ High damage attack other than advantageous attribute
▶ Favorable attribute: 1,500 damage points
▶Others:150,000 damage
★★ catching fog
(Puyorin fires. 10,000 damage per body. If you have multiple of the same character, it’s easier to reduce damage by using crests as countermeasures.)
Attack power increases each time an enemy is hit
teleport tunnel
mutual resuscitation
Max HP reduction attack
cross skull
(When all of them are defeated, the boss transparency is released and placement change is enabled)
to block
Can only be erased without continuing

Boss Information

* The pandemonium that can be obtained is only a fire attribute.

What is “Super Ultimate Sai”? What is different from the normal super ultimate?

“Super Ultimate Aya” is different from ordinary super ultimate,A stage with 5 “Super Ultimate” difficulty attributes will appear. (*Scene composition other than attributes is the same)
And each time you clear each step,You can get up to 20 “Fire Attribute Pandemonium” with clear speed rewardsis.

▼ You can challenge from any attribute stage

Monster Strike Pandemonium Commentary

▼ If you clear it, 2 Pandemonium will be dropped as a reward (up to 20 can be obtained for each stage).

during the appearance

September 18, 2022 (Sun) 12:00 to October 1 (Sat) 11:59

* Appears all the time during the period.
* “Stock” and “Timeshift” are not possible.

First Clear Reward

5 orbs

* You can get it when you complete all stages as a single or multiplayer host.

Get Daily Clear Bonuses

If you complete the stage eligible for the daily clear bonus, you can obtain 5 “Bewitching Demon Hall Demonic Pandemonium (★6)” once per day as a clear bonus.

Attributes for Daily Clear Bonus

Date Attributes
09/18 12:00~09/19 03:59 Fire
the water
94/19:00~93/20:59 wood
9/20 AM4:00~9/21 AM3:59 Light
9/21 AM4:00~9/22 AM3:59 darkness
9/22 AM4:00~9/23 AM3:59 Fire
9/23 AM4:00~9/24 AM3:59 the water
9/24 AM4:00~9/25 AM3:59 wood
9/25 AM4:00~9/26 AM3:59 Fire
9/26 AM4:00~9/27 AM3:59 the water
9/27 AM4:00~9/28 AM3:59 wood
9/28 AM4:00~9/29 AM3:59 Light
09/29 04:00~09/30 03:59 darkness
9/30 AM4:00~10/1 AM3:59 all attributes
10/1 AM4:00~10/1 11:59 all attributes

* You can get the clear bonus even if you delete it as a multiplayer guest.
* If there are multiple target stages, you can get a clear bonus for each stage.
* If the total number of characters acquired in a stage exceeds 20, characters exceeding the upper limit cannot be acquired.

Pandemonium Strategy Points[Super Ultimate/Aya]

Bring a character that can handle gravity barriers and mines

In this questInstant kill mines (about 200,000 damage) and a large number of gravity barriersTherefore, both measures are essential.

Let’s challenge with penetrating characters

Puyorin will appear and enemies with internal weaknesses will appear.Let’s challenge with 4 allies whose attack type is “Penetration Type”.

The more enemies you hit, the higher your attack power.

Hitting as many enemies as possible before attacking the boss will make extending the damage easier.

Recommended to use items that reduce HP by 10%

Pandemonium Strategy Points

▼ Hayarin’s Gauge Attack Can Be Reduced

Pandemonium Strategy Points

Hayarin uses a gauge attack,Max HP reduction attack with 20,000 damageIt’s embarrassing to let go.
If you’re using an item that reduces HP by 10%, you can skip the first turn, making it easier to reduce damage. (*You can also use the fruit from the Military Lifetime Cup.)

Simultaneous processing is necessary as mages are mutually resurrected

Pandemonium Strategy Points

Mages in stage 2 and boss 3 resurrect each turn.

▼ Mage repeats the move center and left and right every turn

Pandemonium Strategy Points

When the two mages overlap in the center, use the teleport tunnel to move around the block and go back and forth to their weak spot to defeat them at the same time.

Supplement to “Teleport Tunnel”
Teleport tunnels always spawn in pairs
When you step on a teleport tunnel, you will be forced to teleport to a teleport tunnel of the same color.
The effect only activates once per turn
The angle at the exit of the teleport tunnel is the same as at the entrance

Let’s beat Cross Skull bosses 1 and 3 first

Pandemonium Strategy Points

▼ If you kill all the small fish with the cross skull mark, power failure and enemy placement change will occur.

Pandemonium Strategy Points

Defeating the small fry unlocks the boss transparency. Then move to a position where you can attack.

Boss 1 and 3 attack with attention to blocks

▼ Boss 1 has blocks placed in letter G

Pandemonium Strategy Points

▼ Boss 3 has a block in the center

Pandemonium Strategy Points

Blocks are placed hidden by the boss, so be careful when attacking.

▼ As a trick to damage the boss, get out of the teleport tunnel with the weak point and use the block to go back and forth to the weak point.

Pandemonium Strategy Points

“Waku Waku no Mi” which is useful for strategy

  • General attack system
  • Reduced warship/soldier power

“Crest of the Soul” useful for strategy

  • Knowledge of each attribute
  • knowledge of the weak
  • Contagion Resistance (if you have more than one character of the same character, attaching it will make it easier to remove damage)

“Guardian Beast” useful for strategy

*The effect is for level 10.

  • Pack (500,000 damage to all enemies and 99% chance of delay)(※)
  • Chopper (Recovers 80% HP)
  • Aftershock (acceleration and 1.25x impact damage)
  • Vivian (Recovers 50% HP)

(※)Note that this does not work on invisible enemies.

List of small fish attack patterns

Here are the details of the attack of the small fish.Attacks to watch are highlighted in red.Note that the number of attack turns may differ depending on the stage, so please use it for reference only.

little fish attack details

Puyo Rin
[Race : Bête Fantôme]
Bottom: Contagion Fog (10,000 damage)

[Course : Robot]
Bottom Right: Reflected Laser (3,814 damage)

[Race : Bête Fantôme]
Gauge attack:Max HP reduction attack (20,000 damage and max HP is reduced accordingly)

[Race : Univers]
Top: Lock-on laser (approx. 2600 damage)
central:Penetrating spread bullet (about 200,000 total damage)
Bottom: Displacement and mutual resuscitation

* The damage is of superior attribute and state without anger.(About the state of anger)

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