Niigata retains first place with 3 consecutive wins! Yokohama FC win close game with Kofu with Ogawa’s winning shot[Résumé : Meiji Yasuda J2 Section 37]:

September 18, 2022 (Sun) 21:40

Niigata retains first place with 3 consecutive wins! Yokohama FC won the tight match with Kofu with Ogawa’s winning shot[Résumé : Meiji Yasuda J2 Section 37]

On the 18th, the Meiji Yasuda J2 League played 9 games in the 37th round, and Niigata in the lead and Yokohama FC in 2nd place both won.

With Mito at home, Niigata opened the scoring with Yuji Hoshi’s goal in the 37th minute, followed by Kaito Taniguchi’s second goal in the 52nd minute to secure a comfortable 2-0 victory. Niigata, who have won 3 games in a row and totaled 74 points, held their position firmly in the lead, and 6th place and above, which is within reach of the playoffs with 5 games to go, has been decided. Yokohama FC will play Kofu at home. In the 85th minute, with the game scoreless, Koki Ogawa scored the winning goal to take the game 1-0. Yokohama FC have won the first time in four games and maintain their position in second place.

Sendai, who hosted Tokushima at home, took the lead in the 49th minute, but in the 57th minute Takumi Mase’s goal caught them, leading to a 1-1 draw. In an away match against Kanazawa, Oita took the lead in the 5th minute, but in the 26th minute, Muo Kanazaki scored his first goal since returning to equalise. After that, they scored two goals and were behind again, but when Pereira returned a goal in the 72nd minute, Masaki Yuba scored the equalizer in the 77th minute to tie the game at 3-3.

Yamagata, who hosted Chiba at home, picked up a comfortable 2-0 victory with goals from Taiki Kato and Ryonosuke Kabayama. Two wins in a row to move up to 7th place. Yamaguchi defended Kensuke Sato’s goal in the 74th minute and beat Ryukyu 1-0. They are undefeated in four games and moved up to 14th place. The defeated Ryukyus were undefeated in six games and couldn’t come out of the bottom.

Omiya played Tochigi at home and won 3-1 thanks to two goals from Seiya Nakano. Gunma beat Akita 1-0 with Toshiya Tanaka’s goal and got 3 points for the first time in 5 games. Machida against Tokyo V was trailed 2-1 by Machida at home, but in the 90th + 7th minute Tokyo V’s Toyofumi Sakano scored an equalizer, resulting in a spectacular draw.

Meiji Yasuda J2 league standings

■ Match data
Sendai versus Tokushima
Akita vs. Gunma
Yamagata versus Chiba
Machida vs. Tokyo V
Yokohama FC vs Kofu
Niigata vs. Mito
Kanazawa vs. Oita
Ryukyu vs. Yamaguchi
Omiya vs. Tochigi

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