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“Exclusive Papico sweater” designed by knitting shop Ice Cream Image provided by: @knitknitice

There are different types of ice cream, such as cup ice cream and ice cream bars, but you don’t have to worry about getting your hands dirty with drinkable ice cream such as Glico’s “Papico” and “Coolish” by Lotte. The biggest attraction is that you can eat while walking around the office.

However, there is a weakness in such a one-handed ice cream. That is to say “the handle is very cold”. Even though you can eat it with one hand, both hands get wet due to condensation… As a countermeasure, there are people who eat it by wrapping it in a handkerchief, people who ‘wrap in a towel, and even people who use quick-drying gloves with a hair dryer.

I found an account called “Ice Knit Shop” on Twitter that created a revolutionary item called “Pull Papico” that solves such a problem. Hashtags such as “Papico sweater” and “Hand knitted Papico” have even sprung up, and more and more people are making original Papico sweaters with sober colors, thick yarns and colors of their choice.

In addition, from April to July 2022, “Ezaki Glico” (Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka) is carrying out a Papico sweater gift project with the approval of icy knitwear merchants. “Papico exclusive sweater” adopted by the official. What is the point of comfort and commitment? Why did you decide to create such a limited item in the first place? To find out more, I reached out to Tsui’s Ice Cream Knit Shop (@knitknitice).

Papico is this shape, so Papico

How to make “Papico Sweater” is now available on Twitter

──Please tell us how you decided to create a very limited item called “Papico Exclusive Sweater”.

Papico is Papico because of its unique shape. After trying to eat cute while protecting my hands without hiding Papico’s unique shape, I taught myself the technique of knitting socks and the material for it. And the result is this Papico sweater.

──The reaction was great and it was also used in the official campaign. What did you think of the public reaction? .

If there wasn’t much response, I was going to post a sweater in another color (Papico’s) that I knit myself in detail. However, it spread quickly, and I was really surprised that the day after it was published, photos of people who knitted it immediately appeared one after another.

I was audaciously hoping I could catch the attention of Papico’s official account and retweet with likes. But more than that, I didn’t expect it to be used as campaign material, and I’m very honored.

──Finally, as a knitting enthusiast, say something.

Either way, in today’s world where efficiency and speed are emphasized, it would be hard to find the importance of hand knitting. Still, I would be happy if the joy of knitting could be passed on to as many people as possible, even if it was just a little thing like this.

It’s a functional “Papico sweater” that looks cute, but why the hell did the official Papico embrace this idea? We asked the confectioner “Ezaki Glico” directly.

■ I am happy that the form adapts perfectly to Papico.

“Exclusive Papico sweater” featured in the “Ezaki Glico” campaign Image provided by: Ezaki Glico

──Have you ever had a problem with cold hands while eating “Papico”?

Having cold hands has the effect of promoting cooling and cooling, and is sometimes rated as a positive factor. .

──Please tell us how you decided to use the “Papico sweater” for the campaign.

I was very happy to know that the ice-knit shop posted “Papico’s sweater” and that many people responded afterwards. After that, while thinking about the promotion plan, we decided to materialize it, so that more people know about this cute “Papico sweater” and eat Papico.

──What did you think when you first heard the idea of ​​the “Papico sweater” from the ice cream knitting shop?

The colors were very vivid and the shape suited Papico perfectly.

──How was the reaction to the campaign?

Thanks to this campaign, the theme of Papico spread among those who love knitting, and the theme of knitting spread among those who love Papico and ice cream, creating new ways to spread information.

In addition, many people have knitted “Papico’s sweater”, given it to friends and family as a gift, and many people have eaten Papico together, showing their love for Papiko and knitting. deepens.

Knitting can be easily started with simple tools and yarn. Autumn gets deeper and colder with hands of ice cream.

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