[Résultats du match]9/18 (Sunday) DOWA Group Presents 10th TOHOKU CUP 2022 vs. Iwate Big Bulls @ Takumi Arena


DOWA Group Presents the 10th TOHOKU CUP 2022

Akita Northern Happinets vs. Iwate Big Bulls
September 18 (Sunday) 2:05 p.m. Match start
Location: Takumi Arena


Akita 23 【1Q】 19 Iwate
16 【2Q】 18
21 【3Q】 14
23 【4Q】 18
83 69




Kevin Braswell’s post-game acting commentary

Regardless of the category, I feel like both Aomori-san, who played the first game, and Iwate-san, who played today, faced teams that played very strong.
Mr. Iwate has a very good coach who gives good advice and is organized as a team.
Also, I felt like everyone was playing tough, whether Japanese or foreign.
Being able to play against such a team in pre-season was a great experience for us as a team.

game photo gallery


Photo: Yukiyuki Abe

Akita held for the first time in 10 years! DOWA Group Presents the 10th TOHOKU CUP 2022

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