Snow Man Raul, s**t kingz/NOPPO surprised at how quickly he remembered “ichi past” – model press

Snow Man will appear on the TBS variety show “Let Snow Man do it” (every Sunday from 1:00 p.m.) broadcast on the 18th. There was a scene where Raul surprised NOPPO from the dance group s**t kingz with the speed he remembered.

Raul masters 3 songs in 45 minutes

On that day, a never-before-seen scene from the one-hour special “Japan’s Best Match Nine-Person Dance” from the same program aired on the 13th was aired.

Snow Man had a three-week practice period before the actual performance, but the members could only reunite twice. Raul, who was unable to participate in the first dress rehearsal for work reasons, started individual rehearsals two days later, but mastered the three-song choreography in just 45 minutes.

Snow Man’s team choreography is handled by s**t kingz, and NOPPO, who was at Raul’s individual training, was amazed saying, “(The speed of learning) is the best I’ve ever seen. ever had. I was surprised.” As the members watching the VCR in the studio raised their surprised voices saying, “That’s fast, isn’t it?” (modelpress writing)

Information: TBS

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