Snow Man ‘Sore Suno’ How Meguro Ren’s Surprise Was Clearly Heard ‘Awesome’ ‘Because I Know Meme Personality Well’-Model press

Snow Man will appear on the TBS variety show “Let Snow Man do it” (every Sunday from 1:00 p.m.) airing on the 18th. The members’ concern for Meguro Ren, who was too busy to participate in the practice of dance, has become a hot topic.

Members Join Meguro Ren’s Personal Practice As A Surprise

On that day, a never-before-seen scene from the one-hour special “Japan’s Best Match Nine-Person Dance” from the same program aired on the 13th was aired.

There was a three-week practice period until the actual performance, but Snow Man only had two opportunities to get the members together, so the second general practice was the day before the actual performance. . However, Meguro was unable to participate that day due to work, and on the day of the performance, only Meguro entered the stage two hours earlier than the members and decided to practice individually.

When Ryohei Abe discovered this during general practice the day before the actual performance, he immediately shouted, “Let’s go,” with a surprised expression on his face. In response to this, Raul said, “But maybe (Meguro) will be worried if he comes. It might be better to give him some alone time. Only one person (time) to put in the dance for the 4th song. Considering Meguro’s thoughts on practicing the fourth song’s choreography for the first time, Tatsuya Fukasawa said, “First, take some time for Meme (Meguro’s nickname), then ‘Let’s try it. together.’ is (better) because she’s considerate.” Abe also agreed, saying, “When I’m about to try it all the way…”.

Response to surprise details for Meguro Ren

On the day of the performance, Meguro, who entered the stage two hours before and checked out the choreography of the fourth song for the first time, was surprised by the eight members who joined even though it was an hour before the performance. meeting time. Looking at the VCR at that time in the studio, Meguro whispered, “You came…”

The members’ kind regard for Meguro has become a hot topic on SNS. “The conversation between the three people was filled with Snow Man’s kindness.” (modelpress writing)

Information: TBS

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