Storm of criticism against Shoya Nakajima ‘Mother cries’ Leaving the game in ’15 seconds’ in Turkey’s New World 1st Division | Football Tribe Japan

Shoya Nakajima Photo: Getty Images

Former Japanese national team MF Shoya Nakajima (28) left Porto in the Portuguese 1st division this month. Although he joined Antalyaspor in the Turkish First Division, he was criticized by the local media for his one-shot exit in the second game of the new world.

Shoya Nakajima returned to Porto after completing his loan spell at Portimonense on June 30. The possibility of joining Portimonense was rumored but it was not realized on the last day of the transfer market in Portugal, the 1st of this month, as Porto insisted on releasing him as a permanent transfer.

Then, on the 8th of this month, the last day of the transfer market in Turkey, the player agreed to terminate the contract with Porto. After signing a two-year contract with Antalyaspor until June 2024, he made his Turkish Premier League debut on the 11th.

Tel Shoya Nakajima took part in the match against Adana Demirspor on the 17th in the 59th minute. Even though his mother was watching from the stands, it was only one game, but only 15 seconds after he appeared he made a late sliding tackle against an opponent who was involved in a pass exchange on the left side of the team enemy. Initially, it was a yellow decision, but the VAR (video assistant referee) intervened and a red card was shown.

Dutch media “VOETBAL” headlined “Shoya Nakajima is too hot, red card 15 seconds after playing in midfield”, and “Shoya Nakajima still secures a regular position at Antalyaspor. No. It almost looks like this attacking midfielder is a little too eager to prove himself.”

“He entered the pitch in the 58th minute against Adana Demirspor and just 15 seconds later he was allowed to take a shower again,” he quipped of the player.

Moreover, Turkish media “Turkiye” reported that “Nakajima Shoya’s mother was furious and shedding tears.” “The grief of Shoya Nakajima’s mother and family who were in the stands was projected onto the screen. The most talked about SNS that night was ‘Nakajima pissed off his mother!’

“The Nakajima family, who came to see their son, were shocked. In particular, the image of Nakajima’s mother on the screen became a hot topic on social media. Only 15 seconds after he started playing in as a substitute he received a red card.. The mother shouted out loud to her son who received it.

Also, in this match, MF Sonel Aidodu (31) belonging to Antalyaspor was sent off in the 8th minute. Adana Demirspor was also sent off in the 39th minute, and it was a fight with three flying red cards.

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