The game against the United States is a continuous game because of the rain, the 18 balls of Ace Yamada World Cup U18-Baseball high school: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The 30th U18 (Under 18) World Cup (World Cup) in baseball involving the Japanese national high school team will be held on the 17th (18th Japan time), and the third day of the final round (R) will take place in Florida, USA. , Japan, 2nd in group B of the first league, played against the United States, 1st in group A, and the match was interrupted due to a thunderstorm in the middle of the third leg, when Japan led 3 -2. Continuation games will be applied and restarted from 9:30 a.m. (10:30 p.m.) on the 18th.

Japan’s lead in the final was extinguished before the match that day. After the continuation match, Japan will face the match for 3rd place with the final between the two. If they win the continuation match, they will face the United States again, and if they lose, they will face South Korea.

Yuta Utsumi (Hiroshima/Koryo) hit the left forward at the right time to lead Japan by one point in the first set. In the second set, he scored two runs and allowed a turnover, but in the third set immediately after, he was able to turn things around with a two-run brace to Kaito Ito (Osaka Toin) from the bases loaded with no outs . Play was suspended due to a thunderstorm when the bases were loaded with no outs. After that, the rain got heavy and the game continued.(Sarasota, FL = Yuki Yamaguchi)

It was supposed to be an ace.

It was reversed in the second inning, and it was still a pinch with no outs and bases loaded. Here, Japan’s number 1 uniform Yoto Yamada (Shiga, Omi) came to the rescue. “I will definitely hold back.” After hitting the start with a shallow right jump, the next batter hit a two base, and at the end he held down the middle flight with his specialty two-seam and raised his fist.

It was 18 balls of revenge.

He started the match against South Korea in the first round of the final round, but suffered from ball control and was knocked out with 6 goals midway through the second set. The team suffered a heavy loss and “had no ball to throw”.

I almost lost my confidence, but I fixed it in two days.

By reviewing the form and removing the left shoulder opening, ball control stabilized. “A little awareness has changed a lot.” The usual peppy expression returned.

When you remove the stream, the team is reversed in the 3rd inning right after that. Additionally, play was suspended due to rain with bases loaded with no deaths, and continuation play was declared.

“Even though I was the captain, I was the only one who couldn’t go up and I was confused. Finally, I wonder if I was able to contribute a bit.”

However, I am not satisfied. “The game is not over yet. If I get hit next time, it won’t make sense, so I’m willing to throw it,” he said.(Sarasota, FL = Yuki Yamaguchi)

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