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Former left-hander Koji Maeda, who has traveled to four teams, has had trades, off-forces and testing for membership

Mr. Koji Maeda, a former pitcher who moved from the world of professional baseball to the sports management industry and became the chairman. Starting with Mr. Ichiro, whom he met during his time at ORIX, his personal connections and extensive networks have become a formidable weapon. The ups and downs of his working life are indispensable when talking about his second career. Hanshin, Seibu, Hiroshima, Orix. He played in four teams in the East-West, Central and Pacific leagues, but behind the scenes there were various happenings.[Shinji Yamaguchi]

Maeda started her professional career at Hanshin. Joined the team in 2nd place in the draft from Fukui High School of Fukui Institute of Technology and first pitched in the game against Hiroshima (Koshien) on September 19, 1984, in his second year as a professional . Although he neither won nor lost, he pitched well with 1 goal in the 5th inning. However, there was an accident in the next choke. “I had back pain when I was throwing in the bullpen. I couldn’t even walk. That’s how the year ended.”

In 1986, he was traded to Seibu. “I wasn’t in a bad mood and thought I could still do it. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to eat black udon noodles (the soup is different from Kansai) in Tokyo for the first time. M Kimiyasu, Hisanobu Watanabe, who is a year younger than me, and Seiji Tomoshino, who are the same age, were many people from the same generation, so I was able to fit in easily. couldn’t get the results I wanted. “I was an ace on the farm, but it’s not easy in the first army…” And this will be the second transfer.

“In fact, I directly asked the team to trade me. Of course, they were reprimanded for what I said. At that time, Hiroshima’s manager was Mr. Koji Yamamoto. For M Maeda, he was a senior in elementary and middle school, and he was someone he looked up to, so he was excited. “I went to Carp thinking I could bury my bones here. Luckily, in Hiroshima, I felt like I was home to the locals and treated well by everyone. One of them is (currently in charge) Ogata (Takaichi).”

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