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Online game by HoYoverse on September 16Genshin](Genshin) is in the official programOfficial announcement that a feature anime project is underway

Produced by the studio known for the anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba”ufotable(UFO table) is in charge.

[Image]The characters of “Genshin” appeared in the PV

Anime Adaptation Of “Genshin Impact” Raises Expectations

“Genshin” will release an official program on September 16 to announce the large-scale update Ver.

This animation was announced while in-game staff were passing information in and out of the game.

So far, the work has released a number of short films related to the game, and at the time of the announcement, Michael, who is in charge of marketing in the development team, thanked the fans for their reaction and their support for these films, and declared this best content comment you will push to deliver.

“We believe that this anime will be able to fully meet the expectations of travelers regarding the content quality of ‘Genshin Impact’,” he said confidently.

In addition to the game content, various information is announced in the program. Collaboration with convenience store chain Lawson starting September 27 (Tuesday), and third menu/product collaboration with dessert buffet chain Sweets Paradise starting September 28 (Wednesday).

Among them is a unique development that will be released on December 6 (Tuesday) in collaboration with the travel guide magazine “Rurubu” (JTB Publishing).

Official YouTube Channel (External link) posted the PV concept which was also posted in the program.

In the video, with the original song by Yu-Peng Chen, member of HOYO-MiX, the music team of the development company miHoYo, the magnificent vision of the world of the work, the mascot character Paimon drawn in the anime and the main characters are shown in the video. can be confirmed.

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