What I Think About My ‘Single Home’ Divorced Wife At Night After 20 Years of Marriage | The biggest failure of my life | Toyo Keizai Online

“Life’s Biggest Mistake” © Hiroko Nohara / Honey Comic Essay

After twenty years of marriage, Eriko has chosen to live alone.

Life's Greatest Failure (Honey Comic Essay)

“Life’s Greatest Failure (Honey Comic Essay)” (Overlap).Click on the image to go to the Amazon site

A feeling of loss and frustration that you will only understand when you have chosen…

“My friends who complained about my husband are fine. Was I being too honest with myself…?”

Was divorce an act that enlightened the future, or was it madness that spoiled old age?

What was main character Eriko’s true “greatest failure in life”…? This is the most recent work by Hiroko Nohara, the author of “Disappearing Mama Tomo”, which won the 25th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize Short Story Award.

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