Yokohama Meteor, warning about SNS’s reprinting of limited “It’s only angry” fan club photos – Model Press

Actor Yokohama Meteor will be live streaming on his Instagram on the 17th. I cautioned against reprinting photos.

Yokohama Meteor calls out to fans, “I’ll be happy if you follow the rules”

Yokohama Meteor Model Press (C)
Yokohama Meteor Model Press (C)

Yokohama, where he opened a fan club on his 16th birthday. While talking about his feelings for the fan club, he said, “I talked about it earlier on the FC live stream, but it looks like the manager posted various photos in the manager’s diary which was posted on FC, and these are the photos. Hey, looks like it was posted on SNS,” the members-only image said. which was posted on SNS.

Yokohama said, “It’s nothing but anger” and said, “I would be happy if you could follow the rules. Please.” (modelpress writing)

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