Yoto Yamada’s good relief and Kaito Ito’s hit lead the game to an advantage, leading to the game continuing on the final day | U-18 | Match report

match report

September 18, 2022

On September 17 (18 Japan time), the third game of the “30th WBSC U-18 Baseball World Cup” super tour was held in Florida, USA. Tsugutaka Kawahara (Osaka Toin) delivered the day before a 1-0 victory in the rain against the Netherlands with a powerful throw.

South Korea beat Mexico before the game against the United States, and the hope of qualifying for the final was lost, and although it was decided to qualify for the game for third place, each player showed their characteristics from the first time.
When Shogo Asano (Takamatsusho) walks off opponent Jake Brown’s starting pitcher, Yoshinobu Kuroda (Kyushu International University) catches the catcher’s pitch and doesn’t miss and walks to second base (the record is a wild pitch) . Kuroda was three-hit wide and pitcher Shion Matsuo (Osaka Toin) grounded the ball, but No. 4 Yuta Utsumi (Koryo) carried it to the front of left field and Asano survived. succeed in taking the lead.
The starting mound was Tetsusei Morimoto (Ichifunabashi), who allowed two goals in the fifth inning against Panama. It was a batting lineup that started with Max Clark, who would be MLB’s first overall draft contender in 2023, but when he hits with a slider he’s good at, he cuts both after that and shows a good start with a three-way retreat.

In the 2nd inning, 3 hits (including 2 hits) created a chance for the bases to be charged with 2 out, but Matsuo was unable to score an extra run as he collapsed at cause of a puff. Then, behind that, Morimoto was caught by the American batting order and allowed two hits to allow the return.
Manager Shiro Mabuchi sends Captain Yamada Yoto (Omi) to the mound with the bases loaded with no deaths. In the game against Panama, he was overtaken by pitches in the final inning, and in the game against South Korea, he allowed 6 goals midway through the second inning and continued to throw disappointing pitches. After holding down the first batter with a shallow right volley, Clark landed a ground second and second baseman Yasunori Fujimori (Tenri) calmly tossed the ball to the base without stepping on home plate. Additionally, Yamada clenched his fists and raised his voice as he returned to the bench without allowing any extra runs by hitting the next batter on the center volley.

Immediately after that, at the top of the 3rd inning, Kaito Ito (Osaka Toin) hit a brace from behind to the left line with a chance created by back-to-back steps, and managed to turn it around 3-2 .
This gave them momentum, but after that the thunder and rain became more intense and the match was suspended. At one point the rain eased off and the players scattered on the ground, but after that the rain started to get worse again and play resumed at 9:30 a.m. (10:30 p.m. Japan time) the following day, the 18th. .

As this is the last day, the final will start 40 minutes after this continuous match. 40 minutes later, the play-off match for 3rd place, to be played by the U-18 national team of Samurai Japan, is to take place (if the suspension due to unfavorable weather conditions extends, the play-off match for 3rd place place may not be held).

Coach/Player Comments

Directed by Shiro Mabuchi

“I wanted to continue, but the rain was inevitable. Yamada managed to hold me back. I will discuss the appointment with the person himself and decide. Tomorrow is the last day, so I want to fight with all my might. “

Yosho Yamada (Omi)

“I was well prepared. I hadn’t been able to contribute until now, so I threw it away because I wanted to contribute to the victory. I changed my form to take time to face the third goal to keep it low. I want to pitch in the rest of the game to meet the expectations of those who support me.

Yuta Utsumi (Koryo)

“I wanted to score the first goal in the first inning, so I stuck to the bat feeling like I would definitely give it back and stick with it.

Kaito Ito (Osaka Toin)

“Manager Mabuchi told me to hold the short stick, but I thought I could never hit it unless I had my own swing, so I held it as usual and hit it. It was a ball. The first at bat was also flat, but it felt good, so I went to bat with confidence.

30th WBSC U-18 Baseball World Cup

Tournament Overview Participating Players Broadcast Schedule

Tournament period

September 9 to September 19, 2022

opening round
Saturday 10 September 2022 4:00 Italy 0-6 Japan
Sunday 11 September 2022 8:00 Mexico 1-4 Japan
Monday September 12, 2022 8:00 Japan 5-4 Panama
Tuesday September 13, 2022 8:00 Japan 10-0 Australia
Wednesday September 14, 2022 8:00 Japan 2-9 Chinese Taipei
*The start time is Japan time (Florida: time difference -13 hours)

super round
Friday September 16, 2022 5:00 Korea 8-0 Japan
Saturday September 17, 2022 5:00 Japan 1-0 Netherlands
Sunday September 18, 2022 5:00 United States – Japan
*The start time is Japan time (Florida: time difference -13 hours)

Final / Match for 3rd place
September 19, 2022


America (Florida)

Participating countries and regions

group A
United States, South Korea, Netherlands, Canada, Brazil, South Africa

Group B
Japan, Chinese Taipei, Mexico, Australia, Panama, Italy

Samurai Japan U-18 Match Japan National High School Team vs. Japan Collegiate National Team

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