Bewitching Cheerleaders With Frilly Waist… Kotaro Kiyomiya Also Smiles From “Kitsune” Original Song “Ylvis” And Dream Collab | Full Count

“Ylvis” Who Sings Original Fox Dance Song Arrives In Japan From Norway And Dances With 300 People

■ Nippon-Ham 4-0 Lotte (19th, Sapporo Dome)

Based in Sapporo Dome, the “fox dance” that swept the baseball world this season celebrated what could only be called the culmination. At Sapporo Dome on the 19th, Norwegian comedian brother “Ylvis” who sings the original song “The Fox” will appear as a guest. Fighters Girl also mesmerized the stands with a different take on the “spellbinding dance” from the usual high-energy dance.

Before the game, the two members of “Ylvis” appeared behind the net dressed in fox costumes. About 300 people, including female fighters, waited on the ground and danced to the live chant. “Persol Pacific League TV”, which broadcast the match, also posted a video on the official website with the title “[Comme un rêve]Ylvis’ visit to Japan ‘Total 300 people! Kitsune Dance All Stars'”.

Usually the version that is performed between the sleeves is familiar with the flicker of the tail and the movement of the arms, but on this day the fighters worked on a version with a wriggling waist that incorporated choreography from the music video for “The Fox” with a serious expression. . Daughter. Infielder Kotaro Kiyomiya appeared on the bench before the game and leaned forward with a smile. Players and supporters were there and the atmosphere in the dome was warm even before the match.

[Vidéo actuelle]Collaboration between “Ylvis” who sings the original song and Fighters Girl… “bewitching dance” with waistline and tail froufrou

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