Biden says US military will protect Taiwan in unprecedented attack – Bloomberg

US President Joe Biden said US forces would defend Taiwan in the event of an “unprecedented attack”. He underscored the United States’ commitment to Taiwan in the face of growing pressure from China.

Speaking on CBS’ 60 Minutes airing Wednesday, Mr Biden distanced himself from the question of whether Taiwan is or should be independent, but was asked if the US military would “defend Taiwan”. real and unprecedented attack.” CBS provided the transcript. On the other hand, he reiterated in the first half of the interview that the United States’ one-China policy had not changed.

“We agree with what we signed before, and there is a one-China policy. Taiwan makes its own decisions about independence. We don’t promote independence,” he said. declared. “It’s their decision.”

US president says yes to defense of Taiwan

Biden has made similar statements before. During a visit to Japan in May, when asked if he was prepared to “enlist militarily” if needed to defend Taiwan, he said “yes” and said: “It’s a promise what our country has done”. White House officials have since extinguished the blaze, but there has been a strong reaction from the Chinese side.

A US official said Wednesday that President Biden made the same remarks as before, stressing that US policy had not changed. He responded to the interview on condition of anonymity.

Biden also reiterated U.S. financial commitments to Ukraine and said he would continue to support Ukraine “as long as necessary.” When asked if Ukraine was winning, he replied that there had been killing and destruction and that it was “hard to see a victory in that”, but that it did not. had “not lost the war”.

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