Darvish earns 15th win with 6 scoreless innings in League top 23, wins 5 straight pitches | Full Count

He is one win away from his career high of 16 wins set in 2012, his first year in the majors.

■ Padres 6-1 D-backs (19th Japan Time, Arizona)

Padres pitcher Yu Darvish scored his 15th win against the Diamondbacks on the 18th (Japan time 19th). When he took to the starting mound for Game 28 this season, he pitched well with 1 hit and no runs in 6 innings. Recorded the 23rd quality start (QS) for the National League only. The Padres won 6-1, and Darvish was just one win shy of his career-high 16 major wins, which he won in 2012, his first year at the majors.

Darvish threw well into enemy territory. In the first inning, when he suddenly took off two sloppy strikeouts and showed the start of a three-way retreat, he struck out four in a row until two dead in the second inning. Although he allowed only one hit with a dead in the fifth inning and the no-hitter was ruled out, it was the only hit he allowed that day. In the 5th inning, the bases were loaded with 2 outs, which was also involved in an ally error, but he missed Perdomo and out to get through.

In the 6th inning, Darvish gave up with 94 pitches, safely holding off all three. QS achieved in 6 consecutive games with 3 or less earned runs in 6 innings. The Padres took the lead with Machado’s 29th run in the first inning and Soto’s solo in the 5th inning, and won a comfortable 5-0. Darvish scored his 15th victory, making it his fifth consecutive win.

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