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Professional and talented bodybuilder Naotaka Yokokawa throws the first pitch in boomerang pants

■ ORIX – Softbank (19th, Kyocera Dome)

Naotaka Yokokawa, a professional and talented bodybuilder, held the first pitch in the match between Orix and Softbank held at the Kyocera Dome on the 19th. A hard-bodied right thrown from a strong body with a single boomerang pants scored 132kg. Fans seemed to be shocked by this, saying, “There are too many tsukkomi dots.”

When he appeared on the mound in what might be called “ceremonial attire” for athletes, the stadium was shrouded in an eerie atmosphere. Neck muscles, arms, pecs, thighs… While showing his well-trained physical beauty, the first pitch was a wild pitch that went far behind the receiver, but the fastball with a stretch was 132 kilometers.

The baseball stadium was very excited about the “straight muscle” launched by Mr. Yokokawa. Outfielder Masanao Yoshida, watching from the bench, couldn’t help but smile.

The official Twitter of “Persol Pacific League TV” posted a video of this situation. Many comments were received from fans, such as “musical muscle”, “the image is too amazing”, and “so funny”.

[Vidéo actuelle]”The photo is too amazing” The shocking opening ceremony The muscular right arm with boomerang pants weighs 132 kg

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