Hinatazaka 46 Kyoko Saito’s Center Song Formation Announcement “Midnight where the moon and stars dance”

  1. Announcing the formation of Hinatazaka46 Kyoko Saito’s central song “Midnight where the moon and the stars dance”model release
  2. Hinatazaka46 “Tsukitohoshigaodoru Midnight”OFFICIAL YouTube CHANNEL Hinatazaka46
  3. Hinatazaka46 Announces New Song Lineup Nao Kosaka and Miku Kanamura solidify lineup on both sides of center Kyoko SaitoORICO NEWS
  4. Hinatazaka46’s New Song Center Kyoko Saito “Working Together To Create A Good Work” Kanemura And Kosaka Solidify On Both Sidesnikkan sport
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