Kishidan Expo’s Biggest Highlight, Kiyoshi Hikawa’s First Appearance “Kijime ni Kiai” Sheer Black Right Shoulder Suit with Silver Sequins – Nikkan Sports

  1. The biggest highlight of Kishidan Expo, Kiyoshi Hikawa’s first appearance “Kijime ni Kiai” right shoulder transparent black suit with silver sequinsnikkan sport
  2. The shocking cover of HYDE’s “Coco☆Natsu”! Seikima II summons a squad of demons and Blood Black! “Kishidan Expo” 2nd day too much information (live report / 105 photos)natalie music
  3. Expo Kishidan ended in 3 days despite the rain Sho Ayanokoji “Thank you all”sanspo
  4. Shingo Katori, “Kishidan Expo 2022” Group photo for the first solo appearance at the festival “A lot of NAKAMA were there in the audience and on stage”real sound
  5. Kishidan will release a new album on New Year’s Day 2023 for the first time in seven years, and will also hold a solo GIG at Nippon Budokannatalie music
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